Advanced search resent paying my a**e of an ex? im not...he's an a**e.

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yesheresafiver Fri 10-Aug-07 18:22:19

namechange to preserve my nicer posts and to rant away at my leisure.

my complete and utter tosser of an ex. ds has been staying with him this week as he's playing dad of the year at the moment (and long may it last...but im not holding my breath!) so its his friend's party which his sister and i are going to and he really wants to go, had apparently being going on about it all day to his dad. so i ring him up tonight and ex tosser says he cant bring ds to party..i say no, bring him back to me, i havent asked you to take him to the party (5 minute drive for him to my house). he says he hasnt any petrol and no money for petrol. ds seems to sense im getting irate and starts saying "oh its ok, i didnt want to go anyway" but i know he does. i ask if dad can bring him back on the bus because im already running late, got held up at work etc.

no, he doesnt have any bus fare. i cant fetch him, i cant drive, buses are going to take ages with dd, im already late. ds wants to go back to dads after party as he was staying there another day. ds is getting upset. dad wont pick him back up tomorrow by car, bus or on foot. i can take him but it means dragging dd along and i need to get food shopping.

so to keep everyone happy ive offered to pay his petrol, to put in his gf's car, so my son doesn't have to get upset

the useless effing wanker.

and when i phoned him he was decorating!! plenty of money for that i presume again.

to top that off im sitting here not able to go in the bath until he brings him back, which he promised to ages ago...the party started over an hour ago.

Tinkerbel5 Fri 10-Aug-07 20:59:09

so the both of them dont have a fiver between them

meandmy Fri 10-Aug-07 21:06:23

i am for you if he has had your son for the week wih no cash what if there was an emergency?
what has he done with your son all week with no cash?
has he fed him properly?
i feel so upset for you it was not fair that he asked this of you or your son!

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