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I have been asked out on Sunday night...should I go??

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Pinkchampagne Tue 07-Aug-07 23:15:04

It is with the man that I met briefly while out back in December, and got into trouble with ex H for receiving a text from him.

I recently text him to give him my new mobile number, and tonight he has asked if I want to meet him for a drink on Sunday night!

Ex H is meant to be having the boys on Sunday, so there is no reason why I can't go, but it feels a bit strange.
Also, I had had a few drinks back in December when I spoke to him, and I can't for the life of me remember what he looks like!!

Pinkchampagne Tue 07-Aug-07 23:33:11

He does seem a nice bloke, so I guess it won't hurt

charliecat Tue 07-Aug-07 23:34:09

Go for it.
Cant hurt.
And you may like him.
<<she says>>;)

littlelapin Tue 07-Aug-07 23:35:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Tue 07-Aug-07 23:35:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stepfordwife Tue 07-Aug-07 23:35:44


Pinkchampagne Tue 07-Aug-07 23:39:00

Oh blimey, I wouldn't dare tell ex H!

Freckle Tue 07-Aug-07 23:44:35

You go and have some fun. But don't go giving anyone your key .

madamez Tue 07-Aug-07 23:48:11

Go and have fun BUT treat it like they say one should treat any blind date: meet in a public place, have your own car or bus/taxi fare home and maybe have a trusted friend to text to say that it's all OK or indeed to come and rescue you from death by boredom. It might be fab. But even if it's crap it's a night out.

Pinkchampagne Tue 07-Aug-07 23:49:02

Lol! I won't be giving anyone my key, that's for sure! Ex H has offered to have the boys overnight at his house on friday & Sunday night.
Not sure about this drink thing. I really really can't remember what he looks like - he could look like Shrek for all I know, but I like to think I wouldn't have allowed him my number if he did!

Pinkchampagne Tue 07-Aug-07 23:50:41

Would definitely meet n a public place, and will have my phone with me

Pinkchampagne Tue 07-Aug-07 23:52:20

He was originally just talking of buying me a drink when he saw me out, but we were never out at the same time, so he asked if I want to meet up for a drink

charliecat Wed 08-Aug-07 13:06:42

just pops in to say

Pinkchampagne Wed 08-Aug-07 13:10:02

Now, is that an envy face or a shrek face, CC?!!

charliecat Wed 08-Aug-07 13:17:28

envy sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sheherazadethegoat Wed 08-Aug-07 13:19:16

definitely go!

FioFio Wed 08-Aug-07 13:21:55

Message withdrawn

Pinkchampagne Wed 08-Aug-07 13:23:41

No not a windowcleaner, Fio! He does something or other at the tunnel, but I can't remember what!

FioFio Wed 08-Aug-07 13:24:21

Message withdrawn

charliecat Wed 08-Aug-07 13:24:45

Farking window cleaners

Pinkchampagne Wed 08-Aug-07 14:51:47

Lol! What is with the window cleaners? Have I missed something here?!

FioFio Wed 08-Aug-07 14:52:17

Message withdrawn

Pinkchampagne Wed 08-Aug-07 14:54:37

Are you now, charliecat??! Have I missed a thread somewhere?

Pinkchampagne Wed 08-Aug-07 15:02:08

There will be none of that naughty business going on with me!

charliecat Wed 08-Aug-07 15:12:36

No charliecat is NOT. charliecat dreams of a local GARDENER who Fio keeps saying is a window cleaner.
Good grief, you naughty woman lol

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