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Finding the DCs going away really difficult this time

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BigmouseLittlehouse Thu 08-Aug-19 13:28:08

Hi all

My DC are going away with their dad this evening - it’s for 10 nights. Longest I’ve ever been apart from them and the first time they will be abroad without me.

I’m really struggling with it today - I think maybe because I’ve just been away with them but our holiday was really short as youngest was unwell so had to go late. Plus I guess as it’s the holidays my usual friends I meet up with are also on family holidays. I’m usually pretty good at just getting on with things but I’m really dreading the next week and a half this time.

DC are 7 and 4. Being away from the 4 year old in particular is worrying me. I know their dad will take care of them but he is much more relaxed than me around water etc ( which can be a good thing!). His g/f is also going. I sort of hope she is perhaps a bit more safety conscious.

I know it will be fine once I’m in the swing of it and back at work ( I’m off until Tuesday - ex was originally going Sunday but changed the dates).

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eve34 Fri 09-Aug-19 13:18:03

@BigmouseLittlehouse sorry to hear you are struggling without the children. It is an adjustment when they aren't with you I know.

Hope you have some plans to get through the next few day. My mum use to decorate when my dad took us on holiday.

BigmouseLittlehouse Fri 09-Aug-19 14:08:17

Thanks @eve34 - yes I still find it takes some adjusting too. Even after 18 months. I have started a big tidy of all the toys etc!

Hope you are having a good summer smile

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eve34 Fri 09-Aug-19 14:21:04

Good opportunity to have a good sort out.

Summer break is a bit miserable. Due to lack of funds and we had a burst pipe a few weeks ago. Which has lead to few other problems which I have been trying to ignore. (Old boiler). We are ok and I'm trying hard not to be down.

Next year will be better. I know I shouldn't wish my life away but ex will hopefully be paying his child support and a big fat loans finishes. So all being well in a much better position.

BigmouseLittlehouse Fri 09-Aug-19 14:31:34

@eve34 it’s always those unexpected things that throw you off balance. I really hope your ex does start paying.

I know what you mean about wishing your life away. I’ve had lots of unexpected expenses around DS1 and his ADHD - due to waiting lists of 2 years I’ve had to pay for some private support for him. Which I obviously hadn’t budgeted for.

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eve34 Fri 09-Aug-19 15:57:56

@BigmouseLittlehouse hope his father is being supportive to you all. And your ds is getting the support you need.

Small people are expensive. Have just paid for scout camp. School uniform and shoes. I hate that I am having to make changes that impacts their way of life. I'm sure they don't care if they no longer have swimming lessons etc. I just feel guilty.

BigmouseLittlehouse Fri 09-Aug-19 16:58:34

@eve34 - if they are like mine they will be glad at no more swimming lessons. I know what you mean though, the forced changes in lifestyle are hard. But the kids probably don’t really notice, more that we do.

And yes there always seems to be some expense!

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