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DD and XP have just left for their first holiday away....I feel terrible

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sallysparrow Sun 29-Jul-07 21:31:18

They are only going to France for a few days, coming back on Friday. But the only holiday Ive got lined up this year is a fortnight with my parents.

Im intensly jealous, feel so lonely, even though theyve only been gone half an hour, and to cap it all XP managed to tell me about some financial cock up just before he left, so now Ive got to stew over that on my own till he gets back.

I know its only fiar that he gets to take her places, Ive already taken her to grandparents twice without him (only newly separated and he hasnt moved out yet) so I suppose he's had to cope with being left behind, but the way he is always desperate to get away for the weekend, i assume he doesnt mind that much.

Its not like I havent got things to do next week - its just that I dont really want to do them!

Just feeling sorry for myself I suppose. But I didnt know it would feel this awful.

madamez Sun 29-Jul-07 21:34:39

Have you the time/money/facilities to do something really indulgent and enjoyable that it just wouldn't be possible to do with your DD in tow? Try and schedule in at least one good treat for yourself while they are away and it won't feel so bad. It's always a bit of a wrench being parted from one's DCs for a few days anyway, especially if it's under slightly strained circumstances, but after a while it does start to feel nice to have time to yourself.

sallysparrow Sun 29-Jul-07 21:39:37

Finance - no, that was what the argument was about - we are supposed to be starting our separation debt free, but now I find that is not the case.

I am meeting some friends for a meal midweek, and another friend who is in a similar situation is coming round so we can boost each other.

Suppose I just feel a bit sorry for myself really.

southeastastra Sun 29-Jul-07 21:40:32

it must be hard

allgonebellyup Sun 29-Jul-07 22:12:25

i am in the same boat and my kids have also gone away with his new girlfriend which makes it all the more painful.

sending virtual hugs to you ((((( )))))))

sallysparrow Sun 29-Jul-07 22:17:09

Thanks allgone! I suppose thats the next big change to cope with - he doesnt have anyone else atm, but I believe he's trying....

cba Sun 29-Jul-07 22:21:18

sally I really feel for you. Although I am not in your situation I can imagine how you feel. Try and relax a little and get a few early nights and read some magazines or a good book.

sallysparrow Sun 29-Jul-07 22:25:59

Oh yes - he's taken the Harry Potter with him. Told him he has to finish it be a week thusday or Im taking it to Scotland regardless.

(Ive got some comfort chicklit to keep me going til then! But he doesnt know that )

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