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Think I'm about to join this group

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sirmione16 Thu 27-Jun-19 20:40:50

I think I have to. I think it's for the best. But I'm struggling to tell my heart.

I'm the poster who cancelled their wedding a couple weeks ago. He's since moved back in but I don't feel the same about him anymore and I'm grieving the loss of my fiancé if I'm honest.

At what point did you find the strength to do it alone? When did you accept that "nuclear family unit" wasn't going to be yours? And how do you move forward?

I've contacted and arranging counselling for myself, and being strong to the world. But I feel so broken.

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Parent999 Thu 27-Jun-19 21:33:48

I tried for years to make it work and whilst I know I was delaying the inevitable I accepted the end better knowing I gave it every shot and there was 100% no way through. It took me a long time, years to really feel like myself again but so glad I did, I was miserable and lonely. The one thing Ill never reconcile with is that my child wont know that traditional family unit with both parents in the same house.

Can I suggest you try couples counselling, if it is to end then counselling can help you say what you both need to say and finish it with closure.

sirmione16 Thu 27-Jun-19 22:08:30

@Parent999 I've said the exact same thing that hurts - my baby is only 5 months old (he was 8 weeks old when my fiancé at the time started talking to another woman) and my son will never know how good we were, he'll never know how amazing those 5 years were and he'll never see "us" and the tough times we went through. It breaks my heart. It's one of my reasons to stay. I'm so torn.

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