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Staggered contact

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laney15 Mon 24-Jun-19 15:24:56

Hi has anyone ever done staggered contact?
Ds is 19 month old hasnt seen his dad for 5 months had supervised contact (withmydad) last week for 2 hrs but ds wouldnt leave my dads side everytime he went near his dad he cried. He has the same arrangement this week one day but the next day alone for 2 hrs. Im so worried ds will cry all the time. The ex is one of those people that says he was fine, as he wrote in the contact book last week ds was fine after intially meeting. We have contact using a book and email as i dont want to be near him there was alot of abuse in the relationship and the court has put all this in place to protect me. The courts also said if ds is still wary around ex then to have more supervised contact but ex will go by how he was told in court rather than thinking our ds needs more time with him to get used to him. Just wondering if anyone has been through this and did it all work out in the end ?

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