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Ex not sticking to a child contact order

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Stressedmotherof3 Mon 17-Jun-19 06:14:23

Does any one know what to do about your ex breaching a contact order?

2 months ago I took my ex to court to try and stop him messing our son around. He was picking and choosing when to be a parent and using my son to try and hurt me.

The court ordered that he had our son 9.30 to 6.30 3 Saturdays out of 4. One of which had to be just our son with out any of his other children there.

2nd one to one day came and 2 of his other children knocked on the door. I spoke to him and said I was not happy that our son was missing his one to one time and that as long as 1 of the 3 was 1 to 1 I wouldn’t take it any further. Then yesterday we had swapped days as it was father’s day but then after my son had sat on the door step crying he turned up 45 mins late. Wouldn’t give a reason and just laughed when I said it wasn’t fair on our son him turning up so late say our son can’t tell the time. Which he can’t but he can understand daddy will be here in a min get your shoes on.

Is there any thing I can do to enforce the court order? I’m so sick of him using our son to hurt me.

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disneyspendingmoney Mon 17-Jun-19 07:42:48

I've prety much got the same with my ex being drunk during contact. My lawyer has advised a series of letters (at £500 a go) and then a return to court to see if a judge will agree either a reduction or possibly a fine, if and only if there is evidence other than what the children say.

But he is breaking the order, record and timestamp him everytime he doesn't do as the order says.

Stressedmotherof3 Mon 17-Jun-19 08:12:12

Why would you get drunk for contact? I would be fuming!!!
Unfortunately I’m not currently in a financial position to be able to afford a solicitor so I’m a bit stuck at what to do! I have been righting every thing down. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to turn up on time

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disneyspendingmoney Mon 17-Jun-19 09:16:42

short if the police being involved yet again it's down to what the children say, so getting evidence of it is tough

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