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To all the Single Mums being both...

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WomenUnited Sun 16-Jun-19 14:15:00

Happy Father's Day, I hope you are doing something lovely for yourself today. One of the perks of having to be both mother and father is that you get both annual treat days grin

(and no this isn't the thread for the posters who feel like a single mum sometimes because your OH works a lot, off you trot)

I have had an excellent weekend so far. Ordered the Father's Day special from Morrisons which is a big grill pack and that meant steak for dinner and all the trimmings not usually allowed (due to expanding girth). DC went to bed early last night and let me clear the avalanche of paperwork on my desk putting me ahead for the month on my panic list (rare). I had extra coffee this morning and got the housework massacred so I can play cars with dc this afternoon and still get to sleep in clean sheets tonight.

My grand plan for this evening involves mani/pedi and the new series of Good Girls on Netflix. I also ordered a favourite perfume I have been trying to justify the purchase of for months.

For me treat day is all about self care (ie getting shit done so I am not chasing my tail next week) and feeling completely satisfied that I have happy dc in a relaxed house (with no memories of the petulant abusive shit head needing tiptoed around in the past).

If you aren't doing anything special today then I implore you get out there and take advantage of the Father's Day specials or if that costs too much get the dc on board with a timed treat and indulge yourself.

All of you double time mums have an excellent day, you do an amazing job and this is for you flowers

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carly2803 Sun 16-Jun-19 15:00:10

Im single, baby's dad is around but i am the one with m baby 24/7 and tis bloody hard work.

I have the most respect for us single mums, myself included. Its such hard work. But absolutely amazing.

My plan tonight is film afternoon/evening. Send baby to bed early and chill. Id also like a lovely hot bath ALONE (cant even pee alone so we will see how that goes)

We got this <3

WomenUnited Sun 16-Jun-19 17:31:05

Enjoy your bath Carly, candles optional, wine mandatory!

Or at least a hot chocolate...

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Soopermum1 Sun 16-Jun-19 18:02:57

I had a 'he's not your father' day with my DC and boyfriend, lovely and happy and low key. Luckily, it's his birthday tomorrow so we've thrown all energies into that as a means of distraction.

Starlight456 Sun 16-Jun-19 18:54:23

My Ds has been away on scouts camp. He said after bath . Happy Father’s Day . I said thank you and carried on making tea.

He doesn’t see his dad

WomenUnited Mon 17-Jun-19 20:49:37

Starlight your Ds sounds wonderful bear

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