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CMS annual review

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SpideyMom Wed 05-Jun-19 19:52:59


I'm posting here as it's not to do with the money at all. If I could I would forgo it and tell him to shove it up his arse. Unfortunately he left me with all his debts so although he isn't in our lives, he certainly has made us struggle financially and continues to do so.

Bit of a backstory. My DS dad hasn't been in his life now coming up to 4 years. His choice and I have never once made if difficult for him to be. The only thing I have done is not begged him to be a dad. That's not my job and my son doesn't need to have anyone forced to be around him.
He refused maintenance to the point they stuck a DoE order on him. Up until Dec 2017 it was paid fine. Since then his employer has paid it shit and apparently the CMS are powerless to make them paid it as they 'rely on good faith'.

So I'm used to being messed around already.

Today I come home to a brown envelope. I got pretty excited as I was hoping it was my tax credits renewal which is another ball ache in itself. It wasn't. It was the CMS annual review.

His wage has increased. But payment has gone down. Despite him owing maintenance. The reason being he has declared he is living with a child. I know he has a new son. Born 2 years after my son, in the same month. Hasn't really upset me but I dunno, I guess seeing it wrote down hurt me a little. Just like wow how can he play happy families yet disown my son.

The maintenance going down is also a joke. Because what he is asked to pay covers fuck all in reality.

In fact Im not going to lie. I got upset. I promise its not because we will be getting less money. Its paid so shit already I'm used to not receiving it alot of the time. But it was the value of it. It hit me like 'wow is that all my child is worth'. I worked out if it was paid as it should until my son is 18, he would have contributed less than £25,000 in all his 18 years. I know I am lucky sometimes as others receive a lot less, or nothing at all. But the same applies. It hurts that some of is struggle to give our kids everything we can but their maintenance is valued so little

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