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Ex breaking contact order

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Mami16 Sun 05-May-19 20:42:31

Thank you, shall try and move it now.

I told them everything he's done for the last year during the Cafcass telephone call, I was dreading it but everything I had said was in the report although I would have liked to emphasise the major points more such as leaving us with no home, how he'd gone about going to the house, phoning police on me to do welfare checks on the children , phoning social services on me.

The Cafcass officer in court was only looking at what's best for the children, she kept telling the ex that the house was not a matter to do with that court case.

I will be trying to phone them on Tuesday to see what they advise because it is impossible to co parent with him, he's doing everything to spite me but it affects our children, it's so bad and upsetting that he can't see that and doesn't care that our little one has a feed on time! If he didn't have them overnight last night then I'd know when to give a feed but god knows what feed she had before bed last night and what time she had her first feed this morning.

Good luck with the Cafcass call, I've read many posts on here that it didn't go well but they certainly listened to me and could see for themselves what he's like and he didn't get the 50:50 he wanted because it certainly isn't in their best interest.

Good luck and tell them everything.

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Manchestergal87 Sun 05-May-19 20:19:58

Yes I agree it's a welfare concern. Telling your son things like that is also a concern as he will soon pick things up. Most decent men would allow you to keep the house for yourself and children. Did the court know that he was doing this?

I have all this to look forward to unfortunately- waiting to have Caffcass safeguarding call in the next couple of weeks and I'm dreading it! There are a lot of concerns with my case.

If you report the post and ask them to move to legal they should do this for you

Mami16 Sun 05-May-19 20:03:40


Thanks for your reply. Well I told the Cafcass what he's like and in court they got to see it for themselves but because there are no welfare concerns he got overnights every other weekend and then contact in the week.

Failing to notify me of 4 month old's feeds is a welfare concern for me, that's the whole point of the contact book because they are too young to tell me.

He's very angry and will do anything to get at me. This is the 'brilliant dad' that made us sell our home, I moved out because we had a cash buyer so moved back to parents just before having a csection he then moved back into the house, changed the locks and refused to sell so lost the buyers. It's costing a fortune in solicitor fees. He's enjoying in our 3 bed house while we are crammed and I'm sleeping on a sofa.

Only person he thinks about is himself and his actions affect our children. He was telling our son that it's my fault that they can't go somewhere. Lucky he's young and doesn't understand him!

All this is so draining.

Thanks, how do I move it?

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Manchestergal87 Sun 05-May-19 19:38:04

Not been in a similar situation as my case is only just starting. I would probably keep a record of everything that he does that goes against the order and of he takes you back to court like he is saying then use it then.

Did they give a reason as to why he wasn't granted 50/50? He's lucky to get overnights for your 4 month old as from what I've read not many judges will grant this for a baby so young- is it because they have an older sibling?

May also be worth moving this post to legal as you may get more advice.

Mami16 Sun 05-May-19 18:54:01

So we finished court last month and ex has had every other weekend gradually with overnights. He picked them up at 9am and I had them back this afternoon.

The court order says we have to use contact book but he refused twice to take it and leaves it on my property. We have a 4month old and 2 year old so we need that contact book especially regarding feeds. I have txt him to ask when our little one is due a feed and he won't text me back to tell me.

He's very angry and bitter because he did not get the 50:50 he wanted (he definitely didn't deserve this or the children put through this) he told my solicitor which is deal with the house issue to f off last week and I've had a report to say he was very hostile and angry over the phone.

I am still without a home because he moved back in and it's a lengthy battle to make him sell and looks like another battle.

Any advice please? Anyone else had a similar problem with the ex not sticking to the court order? It's nothing major like not bringing them back but not telling me when our 4 month old had last feed is terrible!

Oh and he's also threatening taking me back to court again to fight for 50:50.

All this escalated this week because child maintenance got in contact with him about payments.

Advice needed please

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