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Supervised visits

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Mimi2018 Mon 22-Apr-19 08:47:57

Has *not

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Mimi2018 Mon 22-Apr-19 08:47:06

No my daughter has been in receiving end of it but has witness the abuse which emotionally and psychologically affects her as she clings on to me crying so to me that is a form of abuse.

I have evidence in the form of pictures of bruises and cohesive abusive txt msgs and a voice recording of his mother shouting at me being passive aggressive whilst I was sitting with my daughter

Regarding overnight stay she's a small 11month baby who I am still breastfeeding and do not express and highly dependent on me

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StrongerThanIThought76 Mon 22-Apr-19 07:14:56

Have you reported the abuse to the police? If he does take you to court (which he can, of course), and there is no evidence of his violence, then yes, it would be likely he would very quickly be given unsupervised and even overnight contact. Other than witnessing his abuse towards you, has your dc been on the receiving end of it?

Mimi2018 Sun 21-Apr-19 20:09:45


To keep it very short, me and my partner have split in last 8weeks. We have a daughter who is 11 months.

He and and now his family have been abusive to me whilst my daughter has been present witnessing and crying. Abuse from him includes physical I.e pushing me around leaving bruises, verbal emotional psychological cohesive controlling for many many years.

In the last 8 weeks I have returned back to my mums with my daughter as I didn't felt enough was enough living with him and his family and the abuse and letting my daughter witness.

In these weeks he has asked to see our daughter which I have always said yes however it needs to be somewhere public in the park coffee place shopping centre where suitable and I have always been facilitating but I have not allowed him to see my daughter without my presence as I do not feel comfortable due to the abuse and I do not trust him and his family and my daughter being exposed to such characters without my protection

He has threatened to take me court as he doesn't believe it's right that I am saying him seeing her has to be supervised based on domestic violence but she is a small baby who has been exposed to seeing so much abused towards her mother and I do not feel it is safe to let her go to him and his family home where we were abused without my presence.

This is a very short version.

Am I right I'm feeling this way?

And if he takes me to court will I have good grounds for supervised visits?

Thank you, helpful reply's would be so much appreciated.

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