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momentmum Mon 09-Jul-07 17:05:13

Hi DH and I are probably not going to be able to stay together for much longer without killing each other. We cannot agree on the level of custoday as I feel I should have them most of the time and he wants them 50/50. Does anyone know of a good family soliciter in either North or Central London who would be able to give me advice on what my rights are and what to do?
a really sad request but if anyone has been in the same boat it would be lovely to talk to you

Tinkerbel5 Mon 09-Jul-07 19:21:07

try the CAB first, one of you will be considered the parent with care and have the more days if you want to put it, but be aware its the parent with care that receives the benefits so if you have the children 3 days a week and your hubby has them 4 days a week you wont be able to claim benefits as a lone parent.

suezee Mon 09-Jul-07 19:28:55

yes i would deffo seak advice from the cab just google them and get the phone number and an advisor will speak to over the phone

momentmum Mon 16-Jul-07 16:37:03

Thank you very much
will have a look now

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