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pumpkinbump Wed 06-Mar-19 18:54:40

Hi all,

I'm a single parent with a 7 mth old daughter.

Currently on maternity leave and will be going to back to work at the end of June part time hopefully.

I have had an appointment at the job centre and they have told me that I will be able to claim 85% childcare costs. I am hoping to work 16 hrs over two days and the costs for my chosen nursery are 92 a week.

I am new to all this. The nursery has told me it would be beneficial for her to have at least two days and three would be better. Would I be able to claim for the third day also? Also what happens with holidays from work? Are you expected to take the child out of nursery for that week?

Not sure how it all works so any help would be great!

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eve34 Thu 07-Mar-19 06:27:47

I get childcare cost through uc I have to send the invoice and screen grab of payment to uc. So if I pay for the childcare but I'm on leave it is still included. Good luck and hope your return to work goes smoothly.

MonaChopsis Thu 07-Mar-19 06:39:20

I'm sure not all nurseries are the same, but when DD was in one you could book weeks 'off' for the children but you still paid half price fees. To be honest I normally left DD in unless we were travelling away, she was happy there and it meant I had an actual break which was rare!

Just check, our nursery closed for one week a year for a deep clean... Took me by surprise the first year! After that I made sure to book holiday that particular week.

Starlight456 Sat 09-Mar-19 17:59:51

I am a cm . If you only want her in 2 days then do 2.

Children really do settle better with at least 2 days a week .

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