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Getting a dog and being a single mum?

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Hullabalooo Thu 28-Feb-19 15:25:33

Would I be mad to? Really thinking about it. Will it break me?

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purpleboy Thu 28-Feb-19 15:27:06

Lol yes!!

No really what are the circumstances? Puppy, rescue? How old are children? How much time do you have? Can you afford it? Why do you want one?

SingingSands Thu 28-Feb-19 15:27:57

Things to consider:

How old are your children?
Are you in rented or do you own your own home?
Do you work?

My friend (single mum to 3) has tried it twice and ended up getting rid of both dogs. It made me very cross both times angry It's a huge commitment - space, time and money.

Nursejackie1 Thu 28-Feb-19 16:08:26

I found it really difficult. Had to take dog out first thing in the morning whatever the weather so it was straight out of bed with a newborn and young child dragging us all over the park whatever the weather. I did like the fact it got us out to the park every day and she was a lovely dog, the kids really benefitted from her being around. Taught them alot. But it was very can't go to say a theme park for the day or any whole day out without having to come back for the dog. Holidays etc are difficult to arrange. Also weddings or anythung that requires a weekend or night away. Its a hell of alot of hassle on top of already juggling around single motherhood. I probably wouldnt have done it again although she was lovely.

Hullabalooo Thu 28-Feb-19 16:16:03

Thanks for replies.

I've got one DC age 5 and all in long term rented accommodation with secure tenancy..I work for myself so could take dog with me to some things.

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purpleboy Thu 28-Feb-19 16:33:40

Exactly what nurse said.
I have dd5 15 and hubby and it's still bloody hard work. I personally don't think it's fair on your DC as it will impact their life not being able to have days out, holidays and such, you can work around these things but it really is so restrictive! Great fun, but maybe worth waiting till DC could also help with the dog, it's worse than having a toddler again! They are into everything and will constantly being trying to eat toys, shoes, socks anything left on the floor until you train him. That is the hardest part!!

mayathebeealldaylong Thu 28-Feb-19 16:34:50

If you have to ask and specially how you refer to breaking you then you should know the answer.

disneyspendingmoney Thu 28-Feb-19 17:31:42

So how and when are you going to walk the fig, mibe need walking first thing about 6:39 for a toilet walk and then a few more and last one at20:49 toilet walk I could get away with 3 10 min walks but who will be looking after your dc? My 2 are 10 & 13 do can look after themselves while I have 45 mins to myself walking the dogs. Do you have a garden? Is you dc ok with a dog? Will the dc come in walks, what about when it's pissing down and the dog needs to go out?

What size will the dog be, mine are low end of medium and I can just about cope with 2 DC's, 2 ddogs and having a job. They take a lot of time and effort

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