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Being cross examined by ex in court

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Hullabalooo Thu 28-Feb-19 15:07:18

I'm being taken to family court soon by ex. He wants increased contact but due to ongoing EA behaviour with myself and DC I'm not prepared to let child go more than currently. Therefore I'm contesting this.

So, as a result of this, ex has the right to cross examine me in court.

This is from someone who I'm petrified of. Can't even look at his name written down, totally traumatised by anything to do with him. I am so scared about this happening as well as the fact that he's incredibly charming and well presented so comes across really well.

Anyone else had this? Reassurance please. I cannot sleep!

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Eve81 Thu 28-Feb-19 20:12:28

What sort of emotionally abusive e behaviours does he show?

They can assess whether this is the most suitable course of action based on behaviours.
Does he have a solicitor? Normally they will speak on their clients behalf.

mayathebeealldaylong Thu 28-Feb-19 20:38:08

Your DC. Remember that is the only important action to bring to court. How he interacts with you is important to mention but ea towards your dc is what you have to prove.
Besides that, your deal with it because you have to. Stay calm and scream in the car on the way home if you have too. It will feel life a long day but it will be over before you know it.

Hullabalooo Thu 28-Feb-19 22:44:14

He's representing himself in court

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