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HELP! 3 yr old ds with violent tantrums toward me since I met my new boyf......

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Toothache Wed 04-Jul-07 15:29:56

(this is for my friend BTW!!!)

....and I think it could split us up.

Whenever we are together and go out in public places he kicks off BIG TIME! Hits/grits his teeth/throws things/screams. Really aggressive towards me.

H and I split up after a rocky end to the marriage 6mths ago. So ds saw us argue a lot.

How can I deal with this? Do you think is a normal reaction to a split up....and how can I make my new boyf see that it's not his fault??

Many thanks in advance, any advice welcome!

Love Tootache

Tinkerbel5 Wed 04-Jul-07 16:39:00

has your friend sat her son down and asked him why is he bahaving in this way ? it could be that he cant handle seeing another man in his life so soon after his father left.

brandy7 Wed 04-Jul-07 18:19:08

i know it will be hard,but until the relationship is established i would try and see your new boyfriend in the absence of your son.

difficult i know, i just met the love of my life 2months ago, as a single parent he met my kids lots cause of lack of babysitter. after making all these promises and really being very nice to my boys he told me last week that "he wasnt ready for a relationship". ive learnt my lesson and will either be staying single or definitely not letting my boys meet anyone till i know its for keeps

jellyjelly Wed 04-Jul-07 18:38:10

I have to say the same after meeting someone i liked i saw him often and started to let him stay the night. DS just about got used to it - he was alwasy very shy and wouldnt get onto the bed though and now i am single again.

I will be sending them home at the end of the night for a long time to come or staying single.

Toothache Thu 05-Jul-07 11:28:10

Many thanks on behalf of said friend....

I think he's too young to sit down and ask though. He's not actually 3 yet (August) you see.

She's really concerned about him perhaps needing medical help.

Also her bf has actually told her that he doesn't want his 4yr and 6 yr old dds meeting him!!

My reaction that is what a feckin prat.... but I'm trying to be diplomatic.

I'm going to print this and give her a copy.

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