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Exhausted solo mum!

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katiebeee36 Mon 11-Feb-19 09:05:20

Hi all, apologies for rant lol. So I have a 6 month old baby & his dad has not been involved since I was 5 weeks pregnant. So I knew from the get-go I was going to be a single mum. I had to move to a house as I lived in a flat in a city centre. I was 12 weeks pregnant when my beloved dad passed away. I then had a traumatic birth. My mum & sister helped out at first but then stopped. My sister was then diagnosed with cancer in November. Because so much is going on in the family & my sister is priority I feel I can’t say I’m struggling & exhausted because how does that sound when your sister has cancer!! So I just keep it all to myself & struggling along not only greaving but exhausted looking after a baby all on my own with zero support. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s reallt difficult & not sure what will make things better other than time. Rant over lol! X

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roasthoney Mon 11-Feb-19 19:14:12

Katiebeee this is a lot to go through by yourself! I know you said your sister and mum helped but my goodness! Have you investigated to see if there are any charities nearby like Homestart that could take your wee one for an hour so you can put your feet up? Also have you spoken to your health visitor? I'm a single parent, stuff went down with my emotionally abusive husband (after a fairly traumatic birth) and I had a very stressful time trying to find a new place to live (he refused to support us) and pay for everything by myself. My sister had a v traumatic birth in the middle of things and our mum is dead many years, so I too had no one to help and felt I didn't want to stress her out.

But my health visitor was great and referred me to lots of services to help- counselling, some free child care and food vouchers etc.

I am going to put you top of my prayer list, if you would like to email me please let me know. I think it's so important to talk to someone and get some grief counselling when you feel up to it and you need time away from the baby. It is the loneliest, hardest work.

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