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just said bye to my little girl 5, gone away with her dad for a week--boo hoo

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pirategirl Sat 30-Jun-07 11:05:46


Just that really. I am really pleased that she finally WANTED to go. We have had all the usual from him, ie he doesnt bother half the time, but amazingly after the tears the other day about missing mummy, and being scared at the prospect she has been looking forward to it.

His parents and his new gf are going too, so she will have lots of interaction.

I feel sooooooo lonely already tho, i love her so much and we have become so close the past few months.

where has my pumpkin gone, its already way too quiet.

claire2510 Sat 30-Jun-07 11:07:48

Treat yourself go shopping, have a facial do somthing for you. Get some mates together and go out! Do things that make you feel good. Completely understand how youf ell....numb, empty alone and all those things.

But., somthing for you xxxx

Saturn74 Sat 30-Jun-07 11:08:02

Aw, pirategirl.
It's good that she's gone happily, though.
And she'll have a lovely time.
Do you have any plans for this week?

pirategirl Sat 30-Jun-07 11:13:35

um i do actually i have my driving test next week

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh--in a pirate fashion voice.

i need to pass so bad, so we can have a good summer.

I think the best thing about it, is the time in my own headspace, thats a rare treat isnt it!!

snowwonder Sat 30-Jun-07 11:18:26

it is a rare treat and i hope you overcome the lonley ness and enjoy your time it will do you good,

i am counting the days till my girls go away with my dad in july for a while weekend, (there dad only has them one afternoon a week.. and i ahve got loads to do in the house and garden, which i cant do with them around....


let us know how you get on...

talcy0 Sat 30-Jun-07 11:36:11

Good luck withe driving test're way braver than me

also hate it when dds are away.....but do try have rested and fun week.....last time mine away, i redecorated their bedroom!

pirategirl Sat 30-Jun-07 11:44:45

thaks all, hey talcy, not brave jsut incredibly mental to even have started, i have been soo nervous al the time, now i am nervous if i dont pass, how long till i can get another test.

talcy0 Sat 30-Jun-07 12:52:52

....this first test then?

....always think you should be marked on 'best out of three'

good luck...
my instructor told me i needed to learn in an i gave up for a while

BernieBear Sat 30-Jun-07 17:53:46

pirate girl - my ds goes for a week on Monday. Whilst I have loads to do (jobs!) am dreading it completely. He goes for a week at Xmas and a week during the summer. He has been a bit upset about it this time not about his dad just that he won't see mummy. But he loves seeing his dad so that is okay.

I do find it hard to enjoy the time he is away, but then he is back before I know it and I wish I had made more of it.

What plans, apart from the driving test (good luck by the way) do you have?

pirategirl Sat 30-Jun-07 20:51:56


i know what you mean, I am going to enjpy a bit of time to myself, and just hope too it goes quickley.

Wish the sun was out for a sunbathe!!!

I was gonna go out tonight but cant find the right frame of mind, its peeing down.

The driving will take up mon-wed, with lessons then the test on wednesday. I have already bought a car!!!! hopeful eh.

brandy7 Sat 30-Jun-07 20:58:21

good luck with your test pirategirl and hope you dont miss your dd too much. it will be lovely when she runs into your arms when shes back

pirategirl Sat 30-Jun-07 21:00:20

thanx brandy, i just want to get us on the road, do stuff. i hope i pass, i really really do.

brandy7 Tue 03-Jul-07 17:41:24

hows it going pirategirl,are you enjoying your break or pining for your little one

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