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Cafcass officer was awful. Anyone had similar?

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JoJo2106 Wed 19-Dec-18 20:37:12

Hi, had a home visit from cafcass today, she had been to my exes house before me. They have been ordered by court to do a section 7 report. I have a 15 month old ds and broke up with his dad when he was only 2 weeks old due to his heavy drinking and a cannabis habit and also DV incidents. There was a DV incident when ds was 7 months old and he assaulted me while he was holding ds after trying to run off with him. He was arrested but no further action taken due to the cctv footage not been that great. Also had to write statements for court for any other DV incidents etc but they decided there was to be no finding of fact hearing so nothing was ever brought up properly in court. He was also ordered months ago to do drug and alcohol tests which he done 6 months later and cos his hair was too short was only tested for 2 and a half months even tho 6 months was ordered. He passed it cos he had 6 months to cut down. It was a total farce

Ds hadn't seen his dad for 8 months and has just recently started seeing him again with my mum supervising as our local contact centre has closed down. They are 3 weeks in. Cafcass officer came today and was absolutely awful and I knew from the word go she was biased towards my ex. She never listened to a word I said and had an answer back for everything I brought up and was quite aggressive toward me I found. Told her stuff including my ex taking ds around drug use, him driving with him full of drink, and him.assaulting me while he was holding ds, I even showed her the cctv footage. All she kept saying was it's all unproven in court as there was no fact finding hearing. Even tho I have proof of stuff she wasn't interested at all and was only consumed with contact should happen whatever. I asked her if something happened to ds because of something he does what happens then. She said well that will be dad's fault. That's just great eh! He shouldn't be put at risk in the first place. She was horrible and I admit I let my emotions get the better of me which will prob go against me. Total pro father regardless of what risks there are.

Anyone else had this with cafcass. I am dreading what is going to be in this section 7 report. We are back at court in January but I can already guess the report will fully favour him and I will prob be slated for bringing up my concerns about ex and say I'm just been malicious whereas all I care about is ds safety. He is 15 months old and can't speak for himself.

Absolutely disgusting and awful people. And these people have our kids and what happens to them in the palm of their hands. Shocking!!!

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Lucy830 Wed 26-Dec-18 17:28:15

I don't think it's caff cass that has kids I the palm of their hands, I think when you chose to have a baby with certain people the choice was made then (whether you knew or not).

I can imagine it's awful to have to fight for your child when you feel they are at risk but what she's saying is somewhat is down to dad to protect this child as well as you. One would hope that your child is loved equally by both yourself and dad.

Soontobe60 Wed 26-Dec-18 17:30:12

Is my mind playing tricks on me, or have you posted this exact post before?

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