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Relationship is ready to end. Advice needed

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bumbother Mon 17-Dec-18 08:53:26

I don't have any experience of this OP, but maybe you should ask MNHQ if they could move your thread to Relationships? You'll get more replies on there and there's more to what you're going through than the money/accommodation elements.

Good luck thanks

Littlesparrow0 Mon 17-Dec-18 03:59:18

My ten year relationship is at breaking point at the moment. It's been emotionally abusive and I'm at my wits end. I know a break up is coming, we both do and my partner is being an extra d*ckhead about everything recently

Thing is we both claim benefits together as a couple and share a council house. We have 2 kids one is only 4 weeks old.
How is this going to work when we split up?
We are both on the tenancy of the house but I'm pretty sure it's going to be me that has to leave simply because my family live close by (my support network) and out of pure spite he's not going to want me to have that network close at hand so I know he'll refuse to leave the house! I don't know what to do about that as I've no money to pay a deposit to rent anywhere.
Secondly we both claim benefits together so if we break up how does that work. Will I have to reapply for benefits again as a new claimant etc.

Can't believe this is all happening on the mouth of Christmas and especially as we have a new 4 week old baby. I'm absolutely heartbroken and I've no idea where or how to start getting things set up as a single mum now.

Can't believe I'm writing this at 4am after doing a night feed with my baby . I should be resting or trying to get some sleep and can't because I'm utterly distraught and scared about being on my own

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