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do you have a self care and personal grooming routine

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disneyspendingmoney Sat 24-Nov-18 12:27:59

So this may be tmi and and a bit crude in places but the personal grooming and self care you do as a single parent. Now I'm not looking for a new partner because it'll mess up the DCs even more, I'm the resident parent. I'm also a bloke.

Now I may be a bit metro when it comes to grooming, I have an account at a barbers for head shave and beard styling. I have a device for shaving my hairy old back (a back blade it's called 20 odd quid Amazon), I trim my chest fuzz. Twice a week I settle into a Radox or Epsom salts bath to do away with aches and I deal with the downstairs fuzz too ( slightly stingy in an Epsom bath but I'm used to it and I now think my ritual/styling is a bit bizzare).

It suddenly struck me this morning, that there really is no need to do this, it's not like somewhere between getting them up for school, my desk and shouting go to sleep, it's school tomorrow, I'm going to get magically lucky and on that off chance I need to impress someone with my debonair carcass.

I know it's a good way to get over things and depression to enforce a self care routine.

Does anyone else do stuff like this, have little self care routines that aren't wholly necessary.

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NameChanger22 Sat 24-Nov-18 12:33:19

I do. I've been a single mum for over 11 years. I don't want to meet anybody but I still look after myself well. I shave my legs etc every day even though nobody is ever going to see them. I wear makeup and do my hair and spend time and money on myself.

It's not about looking good for other people, it's about feeling and looking your best to have pride in yourself and like what you see in the mirror.

It's up to you though, do whatever makes you happy.

disneyspendingmoney Sat 24-Nov-18 12:54:02

I have to admit that I don't feel any pride in my appearance, if anything I feel I'm pretty shabby.

Also another issue I have is that the DCs are DDs and I'd like them to get into a habit of self care, grooming, personal hygiene without having to do much explaining other than clean your teeth, wash your face. At most all they know about what I get up to is that I disapear into the bathroom for an hour or so and they have instructions to go to the toilet first and then to leave me alone, no "can I haves".

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Dusty5 Sat 24-Nov-18 15:23:46

Honestly I wouldn't over think this, it will all fall into place, without even stressing over it.
How old are your daughters?
As long as you aren't unhygienic I think ul be okay, u never know, u could get magically lucky between the school run and work, stranger things have happened 😆

OhioOhioOhio Sat 24-Nov-18 15:28:21

I don't think you are over thinking it. And I think you could te your daughters a little bit of what you are up to. As a single parent it is really difficult to find time for anything, never mind anything extra. But they should know that your body, your brain and your heart work in a team and there are jobs you need to do to make it easy for the team to work hard.

disneyspendingmoney Sat 24-Nov-18 16:11:14

ohiox3 good idea ta,

Dusty probably am overthinking it. The dd's are nearly 13 and 10. I'd like to lead by example, but it's not one I can share with them. Actually, I've decided it's too complicated to think about at all.

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OhioOhioOhio Sat 24-Nov-18 16:31:31

Anyway, I can top your radix bath. A radix bath with an audiobook and a cup of tea.

Include your girls in your headspace.

Also, I feel like you, that bringing anyone new into the situation is not what my boys need. But in years to come as they grow in independence I reckon it would be a relief to them to know that you had a life and that you would/will be okay for them to get their own life too.

says me who feels utterly lost

Dusty5 Sat 24-Nov-18 17:27:49

Yes good thinking, it is way to complicated to think about lol!!!
I'm sure your girls are absolutely fine, n that your doing a great job 😊

disneyspendingmoney Sat 24-Nov-18 18:36:42

Really not so sure about a good job,I told dd1 to wash her face 3 separate times this morning, first there was scrambled egg on her face and hair wash 1 and the chocolate smears twice. Wash 2 & 3.

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Dusty5 Sat 24-Nov-18 19:48:14

Don't be so hard on yourself, kids are all the same, they can definitely be challenging at times, give yourself a break.
I think telling them them how important the basics of hygene is important, witch I'm sure they know, but at some stage I reckon most kid's go through a can't be bothered stage.

Mumshappy Sat 24-Nov-18 20:04:40

Its good for my own self esteem to shave, blow dry hair,paint nails etc and i feel better for doing it. Its nice not to feel like i have to though and that I can be a bit lazy if I want. I wonder if anyone did ever get lucky between the school run and work

OhioOhioOhio Sat 24-Nov-18 22:27:51

Yes. Doing those things, all a bit of self pride.

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