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Ex got just deserts from Dd

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Ourmaud Fri 16-Nov-18 22:23:51

Never been prouder of my child.

Dd15 hasn’t seen her bio father since she was about 4, we split at 18mo due to dv. Regular Contact stopped due to him lying about cancelling contact- he accidentally sent me a text meant for his gf saying dd didn’t want to see him, seconds after sending me one saying he couldn’t come pick her up due to d&v. Refused to pay maintenance and doesn’t acknowledge Birthdays, Xmas etc. I don’t slag him off to dd or in front of her, and at this point I’m ambivalent to his existence. My dh has been around since she was 3 and she is very attached to him, he is to her.
No contact with bio dad or any of his family since age 4 until this morning when she received a message out of the blue on Facebook from him telling her she’s old enough to know the truth about her mother (?) and how I’ve prevented contact for years (I haven’t, solicitors letters to prove) and how he wants a relationship with her.
She was really sensible and came to tell me about it and show me the message. She decided that she’s got a complete family and there’s no benefit in adding a virtual stranger to the mix. She’s also having some mh issues around school and with GCSEs approaching doesn’t want any complications.

I asked this evening what she’d replied and his response. I thought he’d get nasty and wanted to be aware.
Her response was I’ve left him on read. He kept me waiting 11 years. He can wait.

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Novasglow Fri 16-Nov-18 23:01:00

You've definitely brought her up amazingly. Respect to you both thanks

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