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SparklesAndUnicorns Wed 07-Nov-18 20:24:23

I have been a single parent for almost three years and since then my would have been in-laws have been treating my son awfully, me and my ex broke up when I became pregnant and they seem to be blaming my poor DD for this, I still allow them to see him and my DD whom is older but they make the least effort with him, he did not receive one birthday gift this year and they decided not to come to his party, they also took my DD away for the weekend and didn't offer to take him, I don't want to damage their grandparent relationship with my DD but I also want to say that maybe they should treat my children the same, they are coming to her birthday party, shower her with gifts and my son gets nothing, should I say something? I don't want to start a family argument but I also don't know how to word it which doesn't show how upset I am for my son, he deserves doting grandparents also, he is only little and doesn't know the extent to which he is being pushed out.

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Seniorschoolmum Wed 07-Nov-18 23:09:33

YAnbu. I’d hate that.

I’m sorry but if they can’t treat their gcs with equal affection then they wouldn’t be welcome in my house.

Singlenotsingle Wed 07-Nov-18 23:12:21

Poor little boy. As he gets older he'll start to feel unwanted. You have to do something now. Are your own dp's nice to him?

Starlight345 Thu 08-Nov-18 19:42:49

I would tell them they either treat the children equally or don’t see them.

While you talk about not damaging dd relationship with them. It will affect her relationship with her db eventually. Can you imagine the resentment this would build

MumUnderTheMoon Thu 08-Nov-18 22:18:26

My grandmother preferred my brother to me and believe me I knew it. I'm autistic so for me it was more a fact of life but I would imagine for a neurotypical child that could be really distressing. I wouldnt allow people like this around my children if they are that fickle they could easily turn on your other child too.

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