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Controlling ex

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user1485859001 Tue 30-Oct-18 20:04:52

Hi. Again sorry if iv posted in the wrong section.

Iv asked for advice a few times on here before.
Any advice I'd still be grateful for,
If not it will help me have a good old rant.

My ex is very controlling hence the reason for splitting up.
A bit of background info. He wants our daughter 50:50 however he never bothered with her when we were together. She loves him and I will encourage that but she's such a mummies girl. I think iv sorted that
Side out now so that's now so much of a problem.
He's now not paying me any maintenance for her even tho he earns 80k a year. Going through the CSA. Again iv wrote another threat about that.
It's just every time he doesn't get he's own way he causes problems and tries to bully me (or this is how I feel)
Maybe the hormones don't help. I'm 13 weeks pregnant with our second child. That's another issue.
He's still living in the house while myself and daughter are back at
My parents. It's not ideal but we are
Lucky to be somewhere safe. Our mortgage is due for renewal however I want to sell. He wants to buy it off me cheap. Not going to happen. He's using money against me so I'm not going to help him. Also how is he going to afford to buy me out when he tells the csa he only earns £100 a week.
He's now saying I need to sign the mortgage renewal if I don't agree with the price he wants to pay. He wants me to pay half the mortgage. I'm not paying half when I don't live there. I don't care if I get bad credit. He will as money is everything to him.
He messages me till he gets he's own way and doesn't take no as an answer. He's always saying about
Putting our daughter first by letting him see her 50/50. He actually was at
One point but even that wasn't enough and he had to push for more. Hes not putting her first by not paying the maintenance. He's not even been paid the £14 a week he's meant
Sorry this message is all over the place. I'm trying to put so much info as quick as poss.
I just hate how he makes me feel and he's making my life as difficult as possible. I feel like there is no one out there to help 😢

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Starlight345 Tue 30-Oct-18 22:04:57

I think you need to separate the issues out.

It annoys me the 50/50 Seems to be used to avoid paying maintenance rather than what is best for the child.

It also annoys me parents who haven’t cared prior to leaving suddenly want to pretend to be parent of the year.

I think in this case legal advice is best

user1485859001 Tue 30-Oct-18 22:28:07

Me to. I just want what's best for my girl.
There are so many issues.
I do need legal advice. I went to a solicitor. They couldn't help me on housing. Only to say the house would need to be sold. He can continue to live there. At the time I hadn't gone through the csa. She mentioned a schedule one but then seemed to backtrack on it saying I needed proof of he's earnings. Maybe I need a new solicitor.

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