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I don’t feel done ☹️

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MumUnderTheMoon Wed 17-Oct-18 00:37:19

There are many ways to become a parent again and no reason why you can't on your own. If you have the space in your home maybe you could consider fostering? There is also adoption and the ways you listed in your op. If you have more love to give and want to nurture more children then go for it as I said there are thousands of kids already out there who need a lovely mummy to care for them and being single doesn't have to stop you getting pregnant again if that's what you want. Just go for it.

Flipflop789 Tue 16-Oct-18 22:41:57

Oh god i feel like this quite often you are not alone! Doesnt help when my kids keep asking me to make them a baby brother or sister

NumbNutss Tue 16-Oct-18 22:39:09

I can be the only one that has felt like this surely- confused

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NumbNutss Tue 16-Oct-18 15:04:36

I have not stopped thinking about how empty my arms feel. I just don’t feel done having a family and it’s so emotionally painful. I mean I don’t want one right now, I’m just settling into life as a single mum 2.5 years on from our separation and I know I probably won’t have another but the fact I won’t EVEr have another child as I’m single is really upsetting me.
Even to the point that I have looked at other options such as embryo adoption and donor sperm.
It’s almost like, knowing the option is there is making me feel better even though I probably will never go ahead and do it.
I feel completely crazy even thinking about having a child on my own but yet I have an undeniable ache to have one.
Pleassssssse tell me someone else has felt this and that I’m not completely mental.

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