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Do I try to make things better - or ignore till I’ve given birth ? Help please !

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Yelsgirl Fri 05-Oct-18 16:14:45

So my partner left me at 27 weeks after an argument. Very sudden/ unexpected. Since then it’s been awful.
I have a 3 y/o to a different man so he didn’t only leave me he left him too.

I now only have 4 weeks left.
Last week we got on better- we spoke and I saw him for the first time. He was helpful asked how appointments were but this soon ended after a big argument regarding the baby and how he expects her to be able to stop at his ‘ after a couple of weeks’

But anyway we havnt spoke now since this happened last week. I have an important growth scan Monday- I’m presuming he will contact me to see how it goes.
But I’m lost now- do I try get this back to civil ground or do I just ignore him and concentrate on the baby and being stress free ?

The main issue was I wanted it to be civil so he could come help and stay over when I get out of hospital ( having an ELCS)
But obviously for me this isn’t even considerable if he hasn’t made any effort with my 3 y/o. No way am I letting him walk out on him then visit a baby leaving him confused

So what do I do?!!

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Starlight345 Fri 05-Oct-18 18:45:18

Can you get support elsewhere?

Can 3 year old stay with his dad till you are moving easier?

I would say it seems like you are more likely to be civil with distance. I wouldn’t ignore a message asking how baby is but would be making alternative arrangements

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