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victoria90 Tue 02-Oct-18 21:41:11

Does anyone else find working ,being a single mum and trying to do your normal day to day stuff lonely!
I have a 22 month old son , between working , looking after him and Just general day to day stuff can be so exhausting and lonely sometimes

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joopy79 Wed 03-Oct-18 00:27:09

Do you work full time? Can you go to playgrounds during the week? Have you tried the mush app?

victoria90 Wed 03-Oct-18 21:04:59

I work full time

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joopy79 Thu 04-Oct-18 00:11:41

Have you tried mush? You can connect with other mums in your area.

Seniorschoolmum Sun 07-Oct-18 03:05:29

I’ve been a single mum for 7 years and yes it can get lonely. You have work, so can you chat to your colleagues. Do you mean no dating or no time with other mums.

I have a few friends that get me through. We skype or chat on the phone, get together occasionally, but working ft plus childcare and now homework too doesn’t leave time for much.

Time for yourself is really important so you have to schedule It and plan ahead.

Eesha Sun 07-Oct-18 20:24:25

Yes me definitely and I'm a stay at home mum. My ex is an alcoholic so not much support. I try and get out on my own every couple of weeks just for my sanity, most recently on online dates, but can be extremely lonely. Sometimes I feel like when is it going to be my time, when someone looks out for me but you can't dwell, there is always hope. Try and focus a little bit on yourself, self improvement, forums to chat, it all makes a difference x

cexxx Tue 09-Oct-18 11:17:41

yes extremly relateable to me right now. i go to work part time and see friends when i can but alot of the time im on my own because im the only single friend and feel like ant burden them , my ex is a useless human and doesnt have overnight contact so come 7pm every day im at home . sometimes i find motherhod and life overwhelming and i think that pretty noraml i find sometimesi have to shut mysef off abit forhalf hr to watch tv or give my self space to talk to a friend or my mum my 9 yr old is older so understands that but it is ectremly hard. but we will muddle through and i have no idea how ill ever get to the pointi can date again when i have so much baggage and such limited child free time . stay strong xxx

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