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Bad day..

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CupidNeedsANewJob Tue 25-Sep-18 22:28:50

I have been feeling the same recently, you're not alone! Also a single parent to a baby girl, also got cheated on! Life sucks doesn't it and at the moment everything is going wrong! Like everything. So last night I got my mum to come, watch over baby while she was sleeping and I put my headphones in and went for a walk for an hour! I felt a bit better, it's cleared my head for a bit and i actually had time to just not think about the baby but also knowing she was safe.
I also take her to soft play because she likes to watch people, obviously I play with her there but then sometimes I can just let her sit and she's entertained just by watching the other people. Also there's usually other parents there alone and they will start talking, conversations to take my mind off things always make me feel alot better.
I hope things get better for you! It's tough and a day without entertaining your child is not something to feel guilty about. As long as she is fed and clean and safe.
Take time for yourself if you can, have a long bath after she goes to bed.

IneedahugandIcanthaveone Tue 25-Sep-18 14:27:58

Sorry you are suffering OP. I was just coming on to start a thread about my own troubles.

As long as your baby is safe, clean and fed, one day without constant entertainment won't harm her.

Some days things can get on top of us.

Is there anyone who can come round today or this evening to support you?

Have you spoken to your GP about the way you feel? You said it happens now and then but there is help out there.

yestocheesecake Tue 25-Sep-18 12:45:20

I'm a Single Mum im of a baby girl and I'm managing to cope in general and have a very supportive family. However, today, I'm just feeling warped. Just wish I could curl up and be alone and cry/sleep/not think. I feel really guilty today as I'm just letting my daughter crawl around in her play pen and not really interacting with her until she needs fed/changed etc. Just don't have the mental capacity today to be entertaining etc I have health problems also and due to a traumatic birth and being cheated on etc It's been tough. As I said, I'm managing to cope most of the time but just not today sad (have these days now and then)

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