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I believe in still single because ...

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HowamIgoingtocope Fri 14-Sep-18 02:52:09

Of my ex. Pure and simple. Regulrly he kicks of for one thing or another . Currently it's our d's school decision. He's throwing facts down our sons neck. Putting him off a particular school. In trying to be open minded . I want our on to this the school he wants with no cohesion . But i think im failing. I've been called thick , basically a bad mum by a man who only gets involved with decisions in his children's lives when he can portray some sort of power over me. He will push until he gets his own way. Regardless of what our son wants. In at my wits end with all this. Why can't he leave or son to make his own choice instead of overloading him with information some of which he needent know at 10.

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HowamIgoingtocope Fri 14-Sep-18 03:15:08

Sorry it's a bit disjointed. I want our son to choose his s book off his own back.

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