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christmas with my ex

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Gingerninj Tue 04-Sep-18 14:58:40

So it might be a bit early to be thinking about christmas but I want to prepare in advance. We have 3 DC ages 13, 6 and 2. This is our first Christmas since we split. Most my family live a few hours away so we'd see his at christmas and mine at new year. Boxing day is DS's birthday and also their aunt's (ex's sister) so I'm not sure how we're exactly going to split this. There's many christmas traditions I'm sure DC would love to still do I'm considering maybe spending the early part of the morning with them, opening presents and having breakfast before letting their dad have them for the rest of the day, no idea what I'll do but the kids will have fun. Usually we go down to the beach boxing day morning, yes an english beach in the middle of winter. Then go out for a meal to celebrate the birthdays. Should i just let them spend the couple days with their dad and then take them down to see my family at New year?

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Wellyboots86 Tue 04-Sep-18 16:15:13

It depends on how strained your relationship is with your ex i guess. I split with my xw a year and a half ago, spent the first Christmas Day together and it wasn’t awkward and kids enjoyed it but we’ve not discussed this coming Christmas and assume she’ll spend it with her bf and share the kids over the holidays.

Gingerninj Tue 04-Sep-18 16:38:55

We're on fairly good terms, we do argue sometimes but not infront of the kids and I still get on well with his family. I'm just not sure how that would go

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NorthernSpirit Tue 04-Sep-18 16:42:12

Remember they are both of your children. It’s littered through your post ‘before letting their dad have them’...... ‘should I let them spend a couple of days with their dad’....

Sounds a bit controlling. Kids have 2 parents.

MrsRespoDad Tue 04-Sep-18 16:45:48

Really??? Saying "their Dad" is much more respectful than saying "my twatty ex husbandthecheatingkyingbastardchristonabijeiwiahjwdjustjogonwanker"

Gingerninj Tue 04-Sep-18 16:48:34

I didn't know what else to call him really, usually I'd just say his name

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mummmy2017 Wed 05-Sep-18 18:50:03

Ask him, then work from there.

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