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Alone forever...?

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Obnob Tue 28-Aug-18 09:33:39

I just need a whinge. Feel like there is something wrong with me, and although I know it's not completely true, everywhere I look, every other divorced/separated single parent with kids seems to be moving on to new relationships...whereas I am not. I feel like there is something wrong with me. Am I invisible? Maybe it's not the right time and maybe I'm not ready, or even sure what I want yet but it would be nice to feel like it could happen if I wanted it to enough. The excuse "who would want me with all my baggage?" doesn't wash.
How does it happen so easily for others?

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sunstarsmoon Tue 28-Aug-18 10:51:16

I feel exactly the same. Everyone around me is starting or in a long term relationship and it's sucks being alone.

jessfarringdon Tue 28-Aug-18 10:54:28

ah cutie, never think that way. It is the most scary thing ever getting back into dating. Being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone is incredibly hard, but it is important to take that leap, as it can be easy to get into a pattern. Have you tried going on POF or Tinder?
Don't wait for prince charming, message someone you would be interested in meeting for a drink.

Obnob Tue 28-Aug-18 11:07:41

I'm not interested in OLD, it's just not for me and it's mostly for casual hook ups, which is fine, if that's what you want.
I suppose I mostly want companionship. I don't really know who or what I'm looking for to be honest, which is part of the problem. I enjoy own company which is good, but not all the bloody time!

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