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Ex demanded to have DC then stuffed him in holiday club

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Hullabalooo Sat 25-Aug-18 00:14:23

Ex has not really spent a whole lot of time with dc since we split (nominally one night a week and eow but it's never that much) but demanded to have him for a week over the summer holidays and I've just found out has put him in holiday club for half of that. Meantime he's banging on to everyone about how I don't let him see dc so they all hate me.

I'm really cross about it. That's time i could have spent with my dc or time for him with grandparents. I'm so upset about it I can't sleep. Have I got it all out of proportion or do I have a right to be cross?

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Starlight345 Sat 25-Aug-18 17:39:54

Tbh . If he was only there half the time he may well of enjoyed it.

Some time with other children they usually enjoy.

It’s a week for you to recharge

Seniorschoolmum Sat 25-Aug-18 21:52:59

It might not be so bad. Holiday club is usually something like 9-5 so your ex would have spent every evening with his dc I hope.
And agree with Starlight, my ds goes for a couple of weeks every year and loves it because he can play with other kids all day.

annandale Sat 25-Aug-18 21:55:28

I don't think holiday club is thst terrible.

Who is 'they all'? His family?

NorthernLurker Sat 25-Aug-18 22:03:25

Your ex is the child’s parent too. He can parent however he likes. That may include using childcare. Be glad he isnt demanding 50:50.

Namechangeforthiscancershit Sat 25-Aug-18 22:04:49

I don’t think children really get “stuffed” in holiday club! What were the hours and was it doing something your dc enjoyed?

Pinkprincess1978 Sat 25-Aug-18 22:07:28

My kids love holiday club! He was able to spend a week with him, having breakfast together and every evening so it's not like he didn't see him for a week.

Hullabalooo Sun 26-Aug-18 10:29:14

Ok maybe I'm overreacting. He just made a big song and dance about not seeing him enough even though he has been crap at it and then the holiday club made it seem like he couldn't manage or was prioritising time with him given that he won't now see him again until September.

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Hullabalooo Sun 26-Aug-18 10:30:02

But yes I'm glad he doesn't want 50 50. And I don't imagine I'll get another week off till next summer so should probably count my blessings

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annandale Sun 26-Aug-18 10:31:56

September is next Saturday...

I realise im being chippy. He sounds far from great as a dad. But he did a whole week, and your ds is ok? Enjoyed it? It could mean he's realky stepping up - let's hope so?

Singlenotsingle Sun 26-Aug-18 10:34:24

What did DC have to say about it? Was it an enjoyable experience? It could be better than spending all day with the ex. if there were no other children to play with

Hullabalooo Sun 26-Aug-18 17:10:36

He came back and said 'i want to go to daddy's less than I do'.

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timeisnotaline Sun 26-Aug-18 17:12:10

Not quite sure what his comment meant , but enjoy your week off and your ex still had to parent every evening so you know he won’t be asking for more time grin

Hullabalooo Sun 26-Aug-18 22:24:51

Let's hope not!

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greenlanes Mon 03-Sep-18 04:26:17

Mine did this. Demanded 50:50, told the court that he could be there during holidays. Stuffed my young teenage DC into a very expensive holiday club (funny he doesnt have the money for maintenance). My DC was bored after the 1st day. The reason: dad had to work. My DC has winged about it all holiday. Dad wont listen so it will probably be the same next year too.

Hullabalooo Mon 03-Sep-18 04:37:57

Frustrating isn't it. I'd wanted to take dc away for three weeks and he wouldn't let me but did this instead.

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