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Everything has gone to shit and I feel like a terrible mum

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flamingosurprise Thu 26-Jul-18 13:29:09

So I posted this on my old account and for some weird reason my account got deleted??!? I'm really upset about that because I literally have no support and im desperate for some.

Anyway basically my whole life has fallen apart this year:
Partner left me pregnant and with a young DC already
Lost my job
Close family member took their own life
Had to drop out of uni

I now have no income, poor MH and I just feel like everything has spiralled out of control. I've got an appointment at a job centre next week desperately hoping I can claim some kind of benefits. ExP doesn't have to pay CSE as although he has a job, is also a student.

Just want to know anyone else who's been in an awful situation and come back out the other side? Feels like I'm gonna be stuck in this rut forever.

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B00kworm86 Thu 26-Jul-18 13:45:20

I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through this OP.
I left my EA husband back in March after finding out he'd been having an affair and racking up around 10k worth of debt behind my back.
I've had to move myself, and my son, back in with my parents. I filed for divorce back in April however my STBEX is dragging his heels over finances.
I also had to drop out of uni, however i am hoping to start again in October.
The first few months were horrible, my MH was awful and i struggled every day to control my emotions.
However, over the last few weeks things have become much easier. I promise it will all feel less raw very soon, and you will get through this. Keep going OP, you can do it.

B00kworm86 Fri 27-Jul-18 12:03:25

How are you feeling OP?

Hullabalooo Sun 29-Jul-18 17:52:25

Really sorry to hear that my love 🌼

I can't offer any words of advice I'm afraid as am in a pretty similar position but just hoping that things can't stay like this forever and that they just have to get better at some point. Small steps one at a time and celebrating even tiny positive things. I'm just so glad that I'm not in a relationship with my horrible ex anymore.

But I completely understand how you're feeling. It's so awful having no money, poor mental health and the ongoing stress of the situation. I take comfort from the fact that the other poor woman has to deal with him now. You have my sympathies though.

Frogletmamma Sun 29-Jul-18 17:55:12

On the MH take your meds and live day to day. A bad day does not mean its the end and the good days can be celebrated. Here's to more good days!

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