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CMS and Self employed Ex

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Mummygettingthroughit201 Mon 16-Jul-18 20:32:42

My ex is self employed and is paying me absolutely sod all towards our child, which is leaving me struggling. He's also taking me to court and putting more stress on me having to pay out thousands in court fees.

The little money I get is always spent on my child, never on me but he doesn't see it like that, and tells me that if I can afford to look after our child then he will take them and do it instead.

He is self employed and only declares a fraction of his earnings, which is so frustrating when it's the little one that's missing out on things/having the best.

I've put a variation form in but I don't have that much info as he kept everything very secret.

Has anyone any experience of putting in a variation to the CMS? Do they take it seriously? How long will it take? Does the info go back to your ex that you've sent over. I'm worried he will go mad when he finds out I'm asking for more money.

Thanks in advance

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Starlight345 Tue 17-Jul-18 11:57:14

I would report him to hmrs .

expatinspain Tue 17-Jul-18 12:10:16

Self employed fathers tend to get away with paying less, if they work cash in hand a lot. It's fucking annoying. They rarely ever get found out or have to stump up. Most of the time it's small sums of money we're talking about, so HMRC aren't interested, even if you do report them. My ex was one of these.
If I had a penny for every time people said, 'take him to the CSA, report him, he can't get away with this etc', I'd be very rich. I did all of the above and he did indeed get away with paying me next to nothing and now I've left the UK he pays absolutely nothing.

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