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1 bedroom, for me and lo ?

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rockstarchick Mon 16-Jul-18 18:32:44

Ok so me and my ex split a while ago. I rent a 2 bed house
I'm really struggling financially
I get housing benefit, working tax, child tax and a really low income
I have tried to re juggle my finances and I can't do anything else to reduce them
Anyway I've started to look for a new place as my tenancy has come to an end and for a number of reasons want to move
I've found a 1 bed apartment which is £140 less a month
It's spacious and actually bigger in square footage than my teeny tiny house!
Anyway what's your thoughts ?
Anyone done this ? Anyone actually do this ?
My plan would be give lo the bedroom and it's a huge l shape front room which I would stick my bed in the corner and get a nice room divider
It's got so many pros, it's new, closer to work, friends and school and it would really help me save some money to eventually myself in a year or 2
I used to have a studio flat in my twenties and know the down side to it but I don't have a partner, not likely to anytime soon, lo will have her room and it's just somewhere to sleep. It doesn't bother me
So I said I would have a think and let the landlord know
Any thoughts?
Thanks for reading xx

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Justtheonequestion Mon 16-Jul-18 18:35:13

Do it while your child is young. Mine are teenage and i never get space but at that age theyll be asleep early anyway.
Save to buy if you can so you are more secure x

Justtheonequestion Mon 16-Jul-18 18:35:59

Will it affect you though since you get HB anyway?

rockstarchick Mon 16-Jul-18 19:29:05

Yes that's the plan lots savings
Well no it shouldn't do as I only get a small amount of housing benefit and come September my los school is opening an after school club so I will be using that 2-3 days and working more hours which will counter act my housing benefit
Claim. I'll still get my working tax and child tax credit x

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Justtheonequestion Mon 16-Jul-18 19:33:22

Well good luck with it all. You can do it x

IsTheRainEverComingBack Mon 16-Jul-18 19:35:09

Yeh you’ll be fine, save the money.

Vitalogy Mon 16-Jul-18 19:38:06

I thinks it's a good idea OP.

rockstarchick Mon 16-Jul-18 19:40:53

That's a good point
She's only 6 well 7 in August and she goes to bed at 7 so I do get my own space
Obviously as she gets older it will change but for a year or 2 I suppose it will help me save, especially when I'm able to work more hours and earn more money z

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