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Statement/Scott Schedule. How long does it take?

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JoJo2106 Fri 13-Jul-18 19:57:00


Just after a bit of advice if anyone can help?

Me and ex partner have started going through court in regards to my ex seeing our 10 month old baby. He currently has no contact due to a domestic violence incident at my home. We have attended our first court hearing a couple of weeks or so ago where I represented myself and he had a solicitor. I intend to be represented at future hearings. The court ordered we have to do statements and a Scott schedule to be sent to each other by the 19th July which is next Thursday. I have no clue how to go about this or even the time to do it as i am on my own witha young baby.

If i go to a solicitor early next week could this statement and Scott schedule be done in time to get to my ex partners solicitor by 4pm next Thursday? Does it take long to do?

If it helps the solicitor I will be going to I have used in the past as he sent letters to my ex partners solicitor etc and knows a bit about the whole situation so it's not gonna be like starting from scratch.

I will be entitled to legal aid but waiting on that been applied for with another firm as the other doesn't do legal aid so thought it may be best to get my original solicitor to do this statement and Scott schedule as he will know more of the situation.

I am panicking now that it's not going to be done in time but if it doesn't take too long then hopefully might be ok.

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Suggest you see the solicitor, and ask for advice. If there isn't time to adequately prepare your case, your solicitor can seek an adjournment to a later date. That won't harm your case, as the court recognises the importance of your being properly represented, if you wish to be.

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