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Summer holiday

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Lightattheendofthetunnel1 Wed 04-Jul-18 23:42:24

My ex agreed after 4 months of arguing, to take the kids eow. I pushed for weekends as they need routine during the week.

It's now summer holidays. What does everyone do at holiday time? Does routine now apply during the week of holidays? He is refusing mediation, kids are pining for him but he won't give any other days?

This is a private agreement with no court order in place.

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SemiAquaticEggLayingMammal Mon 09-Jul-18 19:06:44

Exactly the same arrangements during school holidays as other times. Ex has them every Tuesday eve and eow.

I can't work out whether you mean you pushed for your ex to have them every weekend or that he has them every other weekend as opposed to time during the week? Sorry, heat is addling my brain!

Is your ex suggesting that arrangements should change for the duration of the summer?

SemiAquaticEggLayingMammal Mon 09-Jul-18 19:08:42

I don't think its right to switch things around once agreed unless there are extenuating circumstances- eg serious hobby for kids that happen close to home rather than miles away with ex.

Kingsclerelass Mon 09-Jul-18 23:07:14

The hols are 7 weeks. I will be off with ds for 2 weeks. Ex will take ds for two weeks and the remaining three, ds will go to regular holiday club Monday to Friday from my house. Ex will come and spend time with him each Sunday.

So pretty much the same as normal.

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