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Where would you take a 20 month old on holiday if it was just you and the baby?!

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mylittlestar Tue 22-May-07 11:41:17

Got a week off booked in June. Hoped to get a last minute flight, probably to Europe.

Looks like it's just me and ds going alone - so any ideas where I could take him that will be good for both of us??

Would you go for a family/beach type resort, maybe Spain? Or would that be awful alone?
Has anyone done this? Is it very isolating and demoralising?

Or is it perhaps a better idea to stay in this country and visit friends...?


gabby27 Tue 22-May-07 11:48:18

I think if you're unsure I'd stick to this country this time. If there are friends you can visit then make the most of the time off to not only take the baby away for a few days, but catch up with your friends too

RachelG Tue 22-May-07 12:50:28

I haven't been away with my 21 month old yet, but if I was I would probably stay in the UK at the moment. If I went abroad, I'd be nervous if DS got ill. Also if it got really hot, he might be miserable and grumpy. If it was a busy beach I'd be paranoid he'd disappear, so I wouldn't have a moments peace.

A friend of mine recently took her 3 year old to Cromer for a week. They rented a little cottage, and went on day trips to the beach, on the toy trains, crab fishing etc. He loved it.

I think visiting friends would be nice too. They'd know the nice places to visit.

Have fun whatever you decide!

mylittlestar Tue 22-May-07 12:59:47


Kimmya Tue 22-May-07 13:19:10

If it was me wanting to have this holiday, I think I would choose somewhere like a Haven Holiday park or even Butlins. There is so much laid on for the little ones. Kids clubs, outdoor play areas, early evening kids disco for that boogie!! Indoor play areas and swimming pool if the weather is not good. And while your little one is hanging out with her new friends there will be other parents for you to chat to. If you have a few friends to join you that would be even better. Have fun whatever you do.

PetronellaPinkPants Tue 22-May-07 13:20:41

this might be good

PetronellaPinkPants Tue 22-May-07 13:22:46

good article here too

mylittlestar Tue 22-May-07 13:32:17

Thanks so much. Great ideas

Muminfife Tue 22-May-07 13:46:39

Message withdrawn

mylittlestar Tue 22-May-07 13:53:09

love Paris! that could be really good so we both get to do the things we enjoy... day in disney for ds, day shopping for me...

Muminfife Tue 22-May-07 14:09:52

Message withdrawn

neva Tue 22-May-07 18:47:14

Hi, my children love Centerparcs. You can hire a bike with a trailer for the little one, the pools are fun, and there is nature all around.

matilda57 Mon 28-May-07 23:26:09

I've taken my kids loads of times on last minute hols to the sun (super cheap). We have been to Menorca many times, and we've always really enjoyed it. We;ve got apartments close to the sea or pool, and that's that till evening (can't be doing with roaming around when you're on your own with kids!) The spanish are child friendly, you can guarantee the weather, it's much cheaper than holidaying here (if money is an issue). Plus it's so easy to get to the airport, then you do absolutely nothing for a week LOL, letting yourself get ferried around. It's much less travelling than driving around GB. I always took a lot of books to read in the evening, or when lo's were asleep. I met a lot of other people - single parents with kids - and we generally hung out together.

That said, I have to be absolutely honest that when they were little I sobbed quietly behind my sunglasses for the first few days wherever we went. Sorry if that's a bit bleak, but I think it's hard being on your own sometimes. We broke through though, always had a great time, and came back relaxed and refreshed. Apart from when I took them camping (own tent) in France....(argh); though Eurocamp was always very good, even though the journey there was a bit gruesome (long and convoluted). I tend to think of the shortest possible way to get wherever we're going, with the least possible hassle LOL.

snowwonder Mon 28-May-07 23:32:45

i have been to haven, centrparks and majorca on my own with my 2 dd's we had a blast on all the hols, but it can be lonely especially when you are surrounded by 2 parent families...(most are miserable though!!)

we should start a website for lone parents to holiday together

Aitch Mon 28-May-07 23:36:38

you really should, snowwonder, that's a brilliant idea. seriously.

mylittlestar Tue 29-May-07 12:57:01

great idea snowwonder! (sorry for delayed response!)

ChorusLine Tue 29-May-07 19:25:57

snowwonder - fab idea. I really need something like that!!

snowwonder Wed 30-May-07 15:20:34

i am computer wizz i only have it for email, mumsnet and ebay(i am serious!!!!)

i would definetely yse it if there was such thing but wouldn t know where to start in setting it up, you never know though, might ask some people!!!

you never know it might already be set up,

anyway i am 30 and i have 2 girls age 9 and 3, looking to go away next may/june if anyone intrested, and i live in buckinghamshire..

and i wont be offended if i get no response !!!!

mylittlestar Wed 30-May-07 19:47:27

hi there

well I'm 29 and have ds who is nearly 2

and always happy to go on holiday!

some good links earlier on this page from PPP.

but this web site / holiday idea could be a good one! I'm taking ds to Disneyland Paris in 2 weeks, alone, so I shall let you know how that goes!! I'll be begging for you to go away with me next year after that I'm sure!!

snowwonder Wed 30-May-07 23:47:38

fanatstic you booked!!!!

hope you both have a fab time..

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Thu 31-May-07 00:03:28

Only just seen this. Yes, I absolutely would go on holiday. You'll have a great time.

And the website idea is excellent. DO IT!

pickledpear Thu 31-May-07 00:20:19

i think the idea is good put me down for it

CheshireMummy Thu 31-May-07 15:28:13

I am on my own with a DD who is 4.5, would love to go on hols with other singlies and kids.

We live in Cheshire, but I am a southerner!

MrsSpoon Thu 31-May-07 15:31:37

I have a MN special offer here which might be of interest.

ChorusLine Tue 05-Jun-07 20:21:59

MyLittleStar - please can I ask who you booked EuroDisney with as I really fancy going, my DS is 19 months.

Were you charged a large supplement for one adult and one child in a room?

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