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Any single parents in Essex with babies

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LonleyGirl Thu 31-May-18 21:53:13

So I'm looking for single parents in Essex preferably with babies to meet up with and get out more etc. I have a 6 month old and I guess im just looking to socialise more and maybe find someone with a similar age child to go out with. smile

Ameliaclem Thu 07-Jun-18 19:10:24

Hi, I’m not a single parent and I’m a mum to be but I’m also looking for some company during my pregnancy!

mustbemad17 Thu 07-Jun-18 19:11:30

No longer a single mum but was for 5 years...due a little boy tomorrow & always looking for new mummy friends. Whereabouts in Essex are you?

LonleyGirl Thu 07-Jun-18 20:24:57

Hey im around the castle point area (benfleet/hadleigh/Thundersley) and also looking for some more mum friends or mums to be to be friends with xxx

LonleyGirl Fri 08-Jun-18 19:38:12

Where are you both from?

mustbemad17 Fri 08-Jun-18 22:34:43

I'm Colchester way 😊

Ameliaclem Mon 11-Jun-18 22:20:25

I’m from Thorpe bay! Close enough

LonleyGirl Tue 12-Jun-18 11:08:19

Oh wow that is close! 😊

Ameliaclem Tue 12-Jun-18 17:19:35

I’m 24 and 14 weeks into my first pregnancy!

LonleyGirl Thu 14-Jun-18 17:44:33

Cool, im 22 with a 28 week old (6 and a half months ish) also my first 😊 xxx

Ameliaclem Sat 16-Jun-18 18:23:04

Aw how lovely! So exciting seems like this pregnancy is dragging already! X

LonleyGirl Sat 16-Jun-18 21:56:53

Yeah i had the exact same feeling with mine. Baby was 2 weeks overdue and I had to be induced. Hopefully yours is on time 😊 x

Ameliaclem Sun 17-Jun-18 20:20:41

I hope so or it might be Christmas Day!! X

LonleyGirl Sun 17-Jun-18 21:55:18

Oh wow! Yeah mine was a November baby

LonleyGirl Sun 17-Jun-18 21:55:44


Ameliaclem Tue 19-Jun-18 22:50:44

Aw wow how lovely. Both mine and partner birthday are November so gonna be an expensive winter every year! - xx

LonleyGirl Wed 20-Jun-18 18:54:37

Wow yeah i can imagine a lot to pay out for haha xxx

Ameliaclem Thu 21-Jun-18 21:58:41

PM me your Facebooksmile

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