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Housing struggles...

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louisag1992 Wed 16-May-18 18:53:38

Why is it so god damn hard to find a landlord willing to accept housing benefit. I was working up until last week when unfortunately I lost my job (blatantly because I'm pregnant)

Aprilmightbemynewname Wed 16-May-18 18:54:59

Imo supplying work /personal references can be an advantage.

hampsteadholly Wed 16-May-18 18:59:21

It's because many buy to let mortgages don't allow you to have a tenant on housing benefit.

hampsteadholly Wed 16-May-18 18:59:45

Hope you find somewhere.

NoNamesLeft86 Wed 16-May-18 19:00:41

It's a nightmare and there should be laws against it as realistically it's discrimination.

Have you got a guarantor? That really helps.

I'm currently paying Well over the odds, in a crappy house because it was the only place that would accept me. I'm on benefits because my son is disabled and needs full time care. I have to pay over £700 more than what the housing benefit will pay. Which is basically all my income from other benefits and we just about have enough to feed the kids etc. We manage, but if we could rent anywhere, we could get a nicer house for a lot less money. And actually have some disposable income.

SandysMam Wed 16-May-18 19:04:37

I don’t have this opinion myself but I have aquantances who own btl. This is awful but they are of the opinion people on HB are lazy and dirty, and because they don’t work, will be like those featured on programmes like benefits Britain and wreck the house. Not right or fair but I reckon probably more of a common opinion than anyone would care to admit.
Hope you find somewhere soon OP and good luck with your baby flowers.

Bumbumtaloo Wed 16-May-18 19:04:49

Have you spoken to the LA they sometimes have a list of all landlords who accept HB. Previously I have found landlords who accepted HB on gumtree although there are a few scammers out there. Facebook selling sites quite often have landlords advertising in my area. Good luck.

louisag1992 Wed 16-May-18 19:36:01

God forbid people of those opinions ever end up down on their luck.

I have offered a guarantor but I keep getting knocked back. I have a couple months.

My family live 100 miles away and the only reason I was going to stay here in Birmingham was my job and now I have no reason to stay here so ideally I would like be where my family is so I have some moral support.

What a fabulous situation to be in. My ex employer have well and truly screwed me over!

Aprilmightbemynewname Wed 16-May-18 20:04:18

If you can afford offer 3 months rent up front.

Starlight2345 Wed 16-May-18 21:20:16

Could you move in with your family temporary?

louisag1992 Wed 16-May-18 21:47:07

3 months rent not possible.

Moving in with family is a maybe but surely that would make the council even more reluctant to house me?

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