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DD's father

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somanyfeministsthesedays Tue 08-May-18 22:39:12

Hey everyone I'm after some advice please. My DD is 2.5 and hasn't seen her father since last February. When I found out I was pregnant he wanted me to have an abortion, when I said no he broke up with me. He recently got back in contact and asked what I would expect for him to be in her life again but since then he hasn't made any effort to arrange to meet or sort out anything to get the ball rolling.

Do I just leave things and not contact him? It's giving me major anxiety waiting for this so called contact to hopefully sort things out.

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loopylass13 Wed 09-May-18 00:56:53

Did you respond when he asked what you would expect of him if given the chance to be in DD's life again? Did he say or do anything further?

If you responded then I would say the ball is in his court, meaning it is his turn to make the effort of arranging something or just plain keeping in contact to see how DD is. I would not chase after him at all. In this situation I would just leave it as DD so young won't miss what she does not have.

If you did not respond then I'd take the opportunity to respond if you think he is sincere and poses no danger to you or DD. I would advise being wary of what you put in writing (texts, emails, facebook etc), always pretend one day a judge might be reading your words.

Louclare Sat 12-May-18 08:23:38

My daughter's dad also left when I told him I was pregnant and nothing for 2 years then suddenly wanted to be Involved which at first I thought was best thing but now I wish he was still absent dad as it's caused me nothing but stress !

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