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CSA writing off £2.5 billion debt - will CMS repeat?

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greenberet Sat 28-Apr-18 08:24:42

Came across this slightly old article on another post

Appalled to read £2.5 bn uncollected maintenance being written off as "bad debt" except it's not a bad debt - it's not owed to the government but to the mums and kids - the gov't are a middle man in this process who have failed miserably and now can just decide it's too much hassle & cost to pursue.

As a "victim" of the CMS are they just going to do the same - what about the "powers" they have - what are they on some mission to get the debt to a target as in those charity ladders showing how much has been raised - if we do nothing but appear to be doing lots - and all the time the debt increases does the buzzer go off when they hit "target" and they can say - done it again too much outstanding debt to clear - let's write this off and start again but this time we'll call it what CCB - child COMPLETE BOLLOCKS!

I'm waiting a court tribunal so the x can justify - ha that's a word - paying one third of what CMS told him he needs to pay - and then no doubt he'll come up with some bollocks as to why he cannot even pay that.

Ladies we are being taken for mugs here because we give up - well not give up as such but choose not to continue pointlessly banging our heads against a bloody brick wall! And we have paid the CMS £20 for this privilege!!!! And instead chose to run ourselves ragged doing it all as in full time work raising and supporting kids single handedly - same outcome - bruised and battered heads - ours and our kids - not the people employed by CMS - not the fathers who are avoiding their responsibility but the mothers who have an inbuilt instinct to protect their kids no matter what - what would happen if all you working mothers gave up your jobs to concentrate solely on raising your kids and pursued "hobbies" instead to keep yourselves motivated connected whatever it is that your job gives you _ and instead claimed benefits to support you - I bet the CMS would suddenly be using these "powers" they have to make fathers pay as otherwise the money is coming out of their coffers - bring the government down or make them sit up and listen - flash mob mentality needed! But hey too much of a risk to contemplate! And so nothing changes just keep plodding on

Louw12345 Wed 02-May-18 22:26:01

I think what is being written off is what the recivers said not to bother trying to collect for whatever reason. I know afew older people who have just said not to bother collecting payment mainly because their child is now an adult.

It should not of happened but csa was not good anyway. Cms isn't that good either my payments come as and when they like enough though it's taken from their dad's wage but I always threaten them with going higher if it's not sorted funny enough the payment always comes through the week after.

Bobby1233 Thu 03-May-18 11:07:37

Its not about mothers and fathers. Its about resident and non-resident parents. Remember that in your rants please!

greenberet Thu 03-May-18 19:23:49

@Bobby123 I have never come across a female Nrp who is being pursued by CMS -maybe you know different!

Bobby1233 Tue 08-May-18 12:45:17

I have.

But the point I was making is about not tarring everyone with the same brush. In this day and age Im trying to teach my daughter about gender equality, how to treat others and how she should expect to be treated, so she doesnt make the same mistakes I did. Its made doubly hard when there is no gender equality when it comes to parenting and attitudes towards NRP are so brazenly sexist.

RoderickRules Wed 16-May-18 17:00:22

Funny how when we talk about sex equality it’s alwaus the woman who has to make allowances.

It’s sex inequality that has caused this in the first place @Bobby1233 why don’t you go and talk to the men about that?

Bobby1233 Wed 16-May-18 18:54:44

I’m not entirely sure what allowances you mean?
However I completely agree about the other men, I’d like to kick every dead beat parent, they’ve definitely made my life ten times harder.
You wouldn’t believe the trouble I have to go through, with doctors, school admissions etc. Having the same argument about parental responsibility every day despite the fact I have a joint residence order and my daughter has my name. A narcissistic ex that insists my daughters home with me is only “a sleepover” and is actively invested in my failure so she can establish herself as the important parent.
So since I provide a home, with no government help, no benefits and no child maintenance I’d gladly swap with ex any day of the week. I’d give my right arm to work part time and my ex pay my bills so I can enjoy my time with my daughter, but the mere suggestion is laughable right, why is that?

PrettyLovely Wed 16-May-18 19:41:07

It is dreadful its a complete sham of a "service" and thats both the csa and cms its not fit for purpose.

finnmcool Wed 16-May-18 19:47:11

I'm still waiting on 18 years worth of unpaid child maintenance; I don't expect to get it. This is a scandal and should be treated as such.
Why are feckless parents allowed to get away with this?
Why is more effort not made to recover this money?
It's been an on going issue for many, many years. My daughter is 25 and I was written to in 2016 about all the maintenance that I was owed, had chased and never got.

greenberet Sun 20-May-18 08:54:51

@finnmcool - I'm appalled to hear that but not surprised. I am currently waiting on a court date - how long this will take who knows - my kids are 17 this week - if it gets resolved before they are 18 I guess I will be lucky - but no doubt the X will be able to pull some stunt to say he cannot afford to pay - all he has to do is manipulate the earnings from the company - pay himself less - the Ow more and his status quo stays the same.

I am fed up of the constant battle this causes me - my mental health is all over the place at the moment - I cannot move on with my life as the repercussions are everywhere.

I've been in contact with my MP - got nothing from him - I'm sending him that article - why should I be another statistic due to some government sham if a service!

Just totally pissed off currently!

user4569734 Fri 01-Jun-18 22:03:24

It's not government agencies you should be angry with its the
Nrp they didn't choose to reproduce with these people so why do they have to bear the blame? They are there to help. They are not responsible for yours or antibodies decisions, good or bad.

user4569734 Fri 01-Jun-18 22:05:36

I have terrible auto correct!

Sevendown Fri 01-Jun-18 22:26:52

I’ve never had a penny.

This should be headline news every day!

Boltonbarb Fri 08-Jun-18 14:46:38

Omg this is great news!!!! A moral and financial victory against all the moochers screwing hard working non resident parents.

SoddingUnicorns Fri 08-Jun-18 14:51:16

Omg this is great news!!!! A moral and financial victory against all the moochers screwing hard working non resident parents

What? Are you seriously suggesting that allowing NRPs not to fulfil their parental responsibilities is a good thing?

I’ve never had a penny from XH. If he won the lottery tomorrow and offered £1 million I’d tell him to shove it up his arse. I’ve provided everything for my son, and in the last 7 years DP has too. XH has never fulfilled a single parental responsibility (emotional, educational, medical, financial, nothing) and I’ll be fucked if he gets to claim being super dad by paying a pittance.

That said, some lone parents need that money and those bairns deserve it.

redannie118 Fri 08-Jun-18 15:01:38

I worked for the CMS for 3 years. We had thousands of female NRPs we were chasing for unpaid CM . In some ways it was easier for them- many abandoned their children without a second thought and moved in with a new partner, would not work and live on the partners income, making them a nil assessment.
I left the CMS because i could not take the enviroment any longer. We were screamed at all day long, we were called names and had death threats made against us. We were not allowed to say where we worked because there was real actual danger to our safety. We were paid minimum wage for this.I was a union rep and we could not keep staff, also our percentage of staff who suffered with mental health issues due to work- related issues was ridiciously high. The legislation in place regarding CM is so restrictive and utterly not fit for purpose. So yes the system is massively failing parents- and staff members too.

pandamodium Fri 08-Jun-18 15:51:38

I've never had a penny from DD2's dad, my own dad has said it's not worth trying to chase payment despite him, himself working for CMS.

It's really shit, I'm lucky not to struggle but I know a lot of mothers (and mothers only) who do.

greenberet Sun 10-Jun-18 11:38:41

Redannie118 - thankyou for your comments -I'm not surprised so many staff suffer with MH issues - the system is failing all those that are involved from both sides - the more I go on and the higher you get in these systems the more I see the government - whichever one - is responsible - how can they write off a debt when it isn't even their money - they are just the middle man -yes there may be costs involved in chasing up payments etc but if they haven't done this there are NO costs - it's tax payers money that is being wasted more and more on inefficient systems left right and centre

And pandamodium if your DF says not to bother what the hell are they doing

AnnettePrice Wed 13-Jun-18 20:14:24

Ultimately the nrp, the system and the government is failing the children.

It is the children who loose out.

It would make interesting reading seeing the impact to physical and mental health, poverty levels and education that non-payment of CM has on children. I’m sure there is a scandal there that is being kept quiet (above and beyond the scandal of non-payment that most of society ignores).

greenberet Wed 20-Jun-18 09:34:45

The impact on MH is something I live with every day @AnnettePrice - my own and that of my kids - my posts all over this board document that - I still don't get how they can write the debt off when it is not their money -maybe this is another scandal.

I'm sure the increase in MH issues amongst kids these days is relative to the struggles of single mums - most of them are under immense strain how can this not filter through to their kids -

Maybe one day we can sue the government for all the bullshit they create in our lives under the guise of help

JoArcher Fri 14-Sep-18 22:46:20

I hope everyone on here is still active because the DWP has already sent their proposals to the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee in the Lords, twice. And they will soon be debated in the House of Commons...

You MUST contact your MPs about this, NOW!!!

JoArcher Fri 14-Sep-18 22:56:37

I proposed a motion to the Women's Equality Party whic was adopted last Sunday...

The Women’s Equality Party notes that the Westminster Government proposes to write-off Historic Child Support Arrears, in order to reduce the cost of maintaining their records.

These arrears have accrued over decades, yet the Enforcement Powers that Parliament gave the Westminster Government over a decade ago have still not been commenced by Secondary Legislation.

Existing Child Support Law prevents the debtee from enforcing the debt through the courts themselves.

The Women’s Equality Party calls upon the Westminster Government to:

1.Pay all Historic Child Support Arrears to debtees directly and in full.

2.Use their existing powers to enforce the debt and reimburse the Tax Payer.

3.Where the debt is a result of a decision by the First Tier Tribunal (Social Entitlement Chamber), give debtees the option to enforce debts through the courts in future.

Furthermore, WE call upon the Government to invest in Public Service Campaigns in order to change the prevailing culture of Child Support Avoidance.

Of the £3.7bn of outstanding debt, £2.5bn is owed to parents – equating to approximately 970,000 cases. Debtees are predominantly women, who may have fallen into debt themselves in order to provide for their children the resources that the ‘Non-Resident Parent’ (NRP) has not.

Some of this debt is over a decade old and yet no interest is applied. For comparison, the rate of interest on Student Loans is up to 6.1% and debts to the government accrue interest at the Statutory Rate of 8%.

The Government admits that they have ‘unreliable data’ for ‘lots’ of parents (see para.17*) and so cannot guarantee that all those affected will be informed.

While the outstanding arrears may appear small, their relative worth to the debtees themselves is much greater and represent years of anguish, even sustained financial abuse at the hands of former partners. Indeed, some perpetrators have been tens of thousands of pounds in debt for decades, with impunity.

The Government’s proposal is an insult to everyone who has shouldered the bulk of the responsibility for their children entirely on their own, and sends an unambiguous message to recalcitrant NRPs that, having strung the process out for years they will now be rewarded and relieved, retrospectively, of all financial responsibility for their children.

This is categorically NOT ‘Shared Parenting’, which is a key tenet of the Women’s Equality Party.

Blankscreen Fri 14-Sep-18 23:00:43

We are currently dealing with the CMS pursuing dss MOTHER for maintenance.

She has lied and lied and lied and they have now done an attachment of earning's order.

Dh on the other hand happily paid his maintenance for DSS for 10 year so please don't tar everyone father with the same brush.

As some one else said it resident and non resident parents

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