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Arguing neighbours

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rain2sunshine Sun 22-Apr-18 06:21:40

My joining neighbours frequently shout and argue with each other. Regularly when they return from their weekend booze sessions at 1am, but can also be at random times like 5am; 10am; 3pm etc.

The disturbance we hear is door slamming; him yelling and dictating; her screaming back; crying; things being thrown. They don't have any children.

My concern is for my children hearing this commotion and the damage it could be doing to them. Their dad left us last year to start a new relationship, so they are still hurting massively from that.

I don't want to intrude in their relationship problems, but feel I need to say something to my neighbours to protect my children. Their perception of relationships must be full of disappointment sad.

Just after a bit of outside advice really. Thanks

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NorthernSpirit Sun 22-Apr-18 09:00:56

This is a difficult one as if you were to confront this face to face I fear they might get defensive with you (and I understand your motivations).

Could you type an anonymous letter and send it to them detailing what you hear and your concerns? They might not be aware others can hear. Failing that a call to the council might’ve help.

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