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Rota issues

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Avpixie27 Wed 18-Apr-18 10:59:40

So i got a letter in march explaining my son had been bumped up to go to nursery in april which is amazing. But me and my sons father do not agree on the rota. When we first split he was supposed to see him 3 times a week (mon 7-9, wed 7-9, sun 2-8) but he would often bail or say something has come up and cancel most of the days. Then in february i had to work more and he had him wed 7pm-thursday 5pm but i found out that every thursday hed palm him off on his dad or his sister. So i went to speak to him about having him every saturday-sunday so that my son can be consistsnt with nursery and he flat out refused as "id be just a dad and not have a social life" to which i replied with "look im always a mum as i have him 95% of the time and i dont have an issue with it as thats life" but he refuses and wants to have it weds-thurs one week and sat-sun the next week. But the thing is i dont trust him to take my son to nursery on time as hes already messing up my sons potty training and messing his sleep up. Ive tried to fight for it and he just instantly gets hostile and it just triggers when he used to be hot headed

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Starlight2345 Wed 18-Apr-18 20:02:08

Can I ask why it matters if he gets to nursery on time.

It may well be in your interest to find out how he does before school as there is then a requirement to be in time.

I also think it is good for you looking forward at least you get some quality time with him.

Avpixie27 Wed 18-Apr-18 20:33:37

He has to keep a 90% minimum attendance to his nursery. Hes currently got chicken pox before his first week so already missed some. His father is unreliable and would cause him to be late or not go just to get me in trouble and pay a fine. A coworker told me that his son has been not going and they issued him with a fine that he had to dispute as his son was put in his mothers care against his wishes

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