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mpeters82 Sun 08-Apr-18 14:34:36


My ex only sees our ds 11 once a month amd he brings his gf with him. He decided saturday would be better rather that sundays.

So yesterday my ex text me he getting the bus replied k. Pretty how I responded most of day to him.
So when he into town told my ds to go to his dad. I did not want to talk to him.
After that got a text what is wrong with him and then he be spending few hours and leaving at 4angry. Bearing in mind it's 12:40 he arrived. Thought he want longer after all thought this why you changed days. He sees him once a month
So I went off did what I had to do and thought he can have him until 6. I know I'm probably bad but he sees him one a month.
So 3:15 in afternoon came and get a text are you in town?angry. I did not reply at all. But at 4 said I'm busy will get him at 6.
Then he texting me your taking the **.
Says what he normally says. Thinks I can be available to him whenever. I got a life too.
So then I get in town at 6 and say where are you. He at the bus stop waiting.
So he said I want to talk to you before I go. I said no because was no in the mood for him. I always go and face him and he normally just sends ds to me goes.
I told him send ds down side road but he runs off ex and his gf get on the bus. I being calm where my son. So ex then texting you found him. I did but never replied straight away. I just had enough but did let him know he was with me.
As my ex sent long message saying after talking to ds he no longer coming to visit him not. He not paying for him.
He does nothing with ds but walk round town. Does not buy him anything other than feed him. Never takes him cinema or park. Well my ex use to take him cinema.
He stopped doing a lot for ds like he use to.
We sent nasty texts by this point I am responding to this fool. As he did not like me ignoring him.
Then he decides to block me. So thinking now go ahead ds deserves better.

Whatever happened for my son to say he not going over there will never know. But I think this what ex wants. Each weekend my son went there. Then every two weeks to him deciding he did not want to stay. Then only sundays. Only thing my son saying one thing to me another to his dad. He wants us back together. I would NEVER get back with a man like that a total disgusting man. Very manipulative.

Do I contact child maintenance?

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westernchampion Sun 08-Apr-18 18:31:02

I would certainly consider contacting csa or whatever it is called now. Unless he is prepared to contribute financially to his upbringing. If it's possible to contact him he may be prepared to come to an arrangement. I always think its better to be up front about these things. I've had times when I have had to pay csa and times when I paid directly and its certainly more civil to sort it out together. I carnt understand why some fathers only want to see their children once a month. I used to have my kids stay with me nearly every weekend and I lived in a bedsit for the first few years.

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