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Malicious calls to social services

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Hannabee123 Sun 25-Mar-18 13:31:53

Has anyone had any experience with their ex doing everything they can to ruin their life? My ex is making my life a living nightmare the latest is he called social services saying I'm drugging my child, Slitting my wrists and the worker said she had to put the phone down on him in the end. They knew it was a bullshit call and she told me she's going to phone him back and say everythings fine.
What can I do should I be contacting the police or something I'm living day to day wondering What s going to happen next or what they are going to do to us or accuse me of I'm scared

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gamerchick Sun 25-Mar-18 13:35:01

I’ve always found the police very helpful when ringing for advice. You could try ringing your local station and ask them for some.

gamerchick Sun 25-Mar-18 13:35:56

You never know, they might go around and have a stern word with him about leaving you alone.

TempusFugitive Sun 25-Mar-18 13:41:30

Wow. Sounds like he is only making himself look crazy so u dont need to do anything.
My sympathies though.

TempusFugitive Sun 25-Mar-18 13:42:42

Contacting police a good idea but try not to worry.

jaimelannistersgoldenhand Sun 25-Mar-18 14:01:19

I had someone make a malicious allegation about me to SS. They told me if it happened a second time that I'd have grounds to complain to the police.

PrettyLittIeThing Sun 25-Mar-18 23:31:47

^^ really? Someone made a malicious call about me (not my ex) and I was told they would only look more into it if it was happening constantly.

NGC2017 Tue 27-Mar-18 08:30:15

My ex is no longer in our lives but when he was he constantly threatened me with social services, which of course terrifies you. They just laughed whenever I mentioned it to GP or health visitors and said he has the problem not you. He was also abusive so I contacted the police regarding his constant threats towards me, my family and SS, and I know they went and cautioned him at his workplace. This was 3 years ago though and I know Police resources are more limited

user1473756940 Tue 27-Mar-18 09:24:36

Yup my ex did this to me. He called them and said that my daughter's behaviour was appalling and she had become aggressive shouting and swearing and that this was due to behaviour witnessed at home. Social services called me to tell me and asked me if I would mind if they called my daughters school to check if there were any behaviour concerns as this would show up at school. I of course let them because I knew full well it was nonsense and there was nothing wrong with my daughter's behaviour. The school confirmed she was a model pupil and they didn't pursue it further. He also called them once to report he had picked her up and she had dirty socks on (she had been playing outside, he picked her up at 5pm, I'm not changing socks, what's the point?!?). They view him entirely as a time waster.

Terrible thing is, this must happen a fair bit, and social services are already so stretched, that time wasting from malicious exes could take time away from work spent on genuine cases to help kids in genuine need. I think they should be fined for time wasting.

Callamia Tue 27-Mar-18 09:30:26

I think social services must get this a lot. Great for them - trying to weed out the genuine from the malicious and time-wasting.

They will have ample experience of what to do, but I would consider taking legal action if it happened again.

ChiefSpoon Wed 18-Apr-18 04:41:48

Following. I've been watching your MIL thread Hanna. I hope things settle down for you soon x

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