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Need some advice

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Avalaura Tue 13-Mar-18 15:46:44

My daughters dad is making things hard.
When she was first born he only saw her once or twice and he wasn't bothered about her. He was more about talking to me and then trying to get me to invite him round for "drinks". No way. He had a girlfriend too so there was no way anyway.
Since then I blocked him because he just didn't bother with her.
Two years later I suddenly get a message from my other social site saying he wants to see her and threatening to take me to court but when he did come see her he told me he can't afford it.
He started coming to see her every fortnight for an hour (his choice) and he was getting fed up that she wasn't comfortable enough going near him because she doesn't know. She started to play with him after a while so I let him take her to park but he came back 5 mins later because she was screaming as she didn't know who he was.
So I said well just see her at my house but 2 weeks later he whispered to her do you want to go park and telling her to get coat. I was starting to panic like he'll so walked in the room and said no she isn't I told you she isn't ok with you yet. So he stormed out in a mood. Then 2 weeks later she kept following me and wouldn't go to him so he swore saying, f this S. .t
And after that he just gets huffy because she comes near me. He being getting really controlling and aggressive with me because I am thinking of her and he doesn't like being at my house to see her.

Lost12345 Tue 13-Mar-18 18:37:00

Iv got a lot going on with my health at the minute and waiting in blood tests urine tests results coming back...but basically i met some one i really liked a while back and now they dont want to know me im scared of of tests coming back saying im pregnant

PrettyLittIeThing Wed 14-Mar-18 10:23:22

I would honestly just stop contct. Let him take you to court (he won't) this doesn't sound beneficial to her at all.

Avalaura Wed 14-Mar-18 13:22:40

Thank you prettylittlething. I will defo do that. I can't be putting up with it anymore especially not having my daughter see and hear that behaviour.

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