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Mothers day

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Peachyfizz Sat 03-Mar-18 14:40:04

Any one else alone this mothers day? Will be just me and my son whos 22 months so doesnt understand yet. My parents are on holiday so would usually go for a meal or something with them but this year obviously that's not going to happy. Feel quite sad.
What are others doing for mothers day this year if you are alone with your children?

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JediStoleMyBike Sat 03-Mar-18 14:43:24

Why don't you go out with your DS? Spend a day doing something lovely that you can both enjoy. I bet that little boy loves you to pieces, so spend it with him having a nice time. That's what it is about really, everything else is just commercial fluff to get you to put your hand in your pocket.
Sorry you feel sad though cakebrew from me.

egginacup Sat 03-Mar-18 14:44:41

I’ve been a lone parent for 4 years now. On mother’s day me and the DC always do something fun together, eg bowling, meal out, cinema. I let them each choose something for me in the shop while I give them the money and pretend not to look! Now they’re a bit older they like to bring me breakfast in bed too smile

I would say just do something lovely just the two of you and get some nice chocolates or cake to share!

Hellywelly10 Sat 03-Mar-18 14:51:43

Don't be sad. The grass isn't greener believe me! You have permission to pamper yourselfflowers

ThisLittleKitty Sat 03-Mar-18 15:17:18

Not doing anything. Got 3 kids birthdays in this month alone lol so can't really be dealing with Mother's Day on top if it.

ThisLittleKitty Sat 03-Mar-18 15:17:50


NotSureThisIsWhatIWant Sat 03-Mar-18 15:21:41

Mother’s Day, again? When?

I think I’m going to hide at home until it’s gone.

Ohforfoxsakereturns Sat 03-Mar-18 15:26:07

I’ve booked a table at my favourite pub and we’re going for a late lunch (after DC1&2s footy matches). I’m intending to have a few pints, go home and not do any laundry.
I’m not arsed about cards and presents, if they walk the dog and make me a brew i’m happy.

Peachyfizz Sun 04-Mar-18 09:05:34

Thanks for your suggestions. I was thinking of taking him to his favourite play area place. I don't think I'm brave enough to go for a meal just us 2 with all families around and I don't think I could occupy a toddler on my own for that long.
I know it isn't always greener but still upsetting as it feels lonely

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Ohforfoxsakereturns Sun 04-Mar-18 10:31:08

You just have to do things which you will enjoy. For me, i’ll Be spending most of the day sat on my arse reading. It’s a huge treat to read in the day. Pick up a favourite meal, have a bath. As long as you have a break from the usual routine. I will be doing no washing whatsoever. Of course i’ll have to get it all done on Saturday, but it’s about carving some simple pleasures out.

My DCs are older. They asked me what I want. I told them deeds, not gifts. So if one empties the dishwasher, another walks the dog, the other makes my coffee etc i’ll Be delighted.

Simple pleasures and taking a breath is the order of the day.

Honestly, those other families? Forced fun out of obligation winkgrin

NotSureThisIsWhatIWant Sun 04-Mar-18 16:32:58

Can you bake a cake together to celebrate? Then indulge in some serious form of relaxation/ putting your feet up when he has gone to bed? Get yourself a gift (Something that you don’t need, just something you want or like because you work so very hard raising a child on your own)

NotSureThisIsWhatIWant Sun 04-Mar-18 16:34:31

Last Christmas I asked for a full week without Wi-fi. It was heaven.

wendz86 Mon 05-Mar-18 08:45:47

Normally I’d go see my mum but she’s busy . Might go out for lunch with my girls .

TheOrigRightsofwomen Mon 05-Mar-18 08:53:00

I'll be on my own with DS2 (DS1 at uni).

It will be lovely. Maybe we will go out for lunch or something.

JaneEyre70 Mon 05-Mar-18 08:53:08

I've always threatened mine that if they book a restaurant I'd disown them....all that forced joviality and people rammed in like sardines. I like having a cup of tea and breakfast made, not having to do the dishwasher all day and someone walking the dog. Doesn't usually happen but I've learned to have simple expectations. The only people who really celebrate mothers day are retailers, let's be honest.

BabetteAteOatmeal Mon 05-Mar-18 08:57:46

I’m thinking cinema in the morning, swimming in the afternoon with my two. Then a nice meal and cake. It’s a nice day to spend with DCs.

megletthesecond Mon 05-Mar-18 09:01:47

I always take mine out for a meal. It's not cheap now they're eating adult portions though shock.

Ohforfoxsakereturns Mon 05-Mar-18 10:37:25

Agreed Meglet! And I had to pay a deposit up front!! Still, i’m Planning on enjoying a good meal, a couple of pints and a snooze in front of the telly afterwards. I am really looking forward to it!

We bloody deserve it!

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