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Dadto3kids Sat 10-Feb-18 13:48:38

I'm giving my ex more money as we aren't going through csa I work 5 days a week pick the kids up straight away on Friday at 5 and drop them off at 6 on Sunday however I live with my mum and she's told me to have the kids here every other week as her health is bad and I wouldn't mind maybe going out every so often my ex has recently offered me 1 weekend a month and that's it and her dad says I shouldn't have them if I want 2 weekends a month is my ex just being funny and stubborn or are me and my mum wrong? Thanks

BubblesPip Sat 10-Feb-18 19:41:37

I don’t really understand. Are you the Dad? Are you really complaining about spending just 8 days a month with your children? When the other parent, presumably Mum, has them 20 days? And also, it’s a good idea hing to pay for your children, csa minimums are ridiculous

Kingsclerelass Mon 12-Feb-18 23:48:13

Dadto3, does your ex work as well?
It would be normal to have your dcs every other weekend so each of you has the chance to spend quality time with them, take them out etc. Also to have them maybe 1 or 2 evenings in the week so each does their fair share of homework help etc, and gives both parents an odd night off to go out.

Look at all the times that the dcs aren't at school and consider how you can get as close to half as possible. That also gives each parent an equal chance to work.
I'd leave grandparents views out of it to be honest, what works for your dcs is much more important.

DontDIY Mon 12-Feb-18 23:54:06

It’s his mums house though. What she says goes, ultimately. Or he needs to move out.

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