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Mother's day as a single mum

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Nikitasol Sat 10-Feb-18 10:53:57

What do you do? Make yourself a card? Bit depressed about it. Dc too young to do anything about it or notice.

Everywhereilookaround Sat 10-Feb-18 11:24:40

Oh I don't really think about it. It's just a day like any other. DS noticed it last year so I suggested he drew me a picture and he's loved that, made him feel special to be able to give me something. Same with my birthday. It's just another day.

JeansAndANiceTop Sat 10-Feb-18 11:25:48

Not sure how I feel about it. It’s my first one as a Mum and as a single mum. So I don’t know. Think I’ll just go to my own mums for Sunday lunch.

BlackeyedSusan Sat 10-Feb-18 12:17:14

my mum helped dd when my mum was able.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Sat 10-Feb-18 12:25:51

Focus on making the day special for your own mum

ThisLittleKitty Sat 10-Feb-18 12:41:42

I wouldn't make a card for myself no seems abit sad (sorry.)

hmmwhatatodo Sun 11-Feb-18 17:29:45

It’s just another day. Except businesses get to make even more money. Always seemed a bit of a pointless day to me.

nixnjj Sun 11-Feb-18 17:35:46

I'm another one thinks it's pointless, more important stuff to spend money on. Son regularly bring me tea in bed and tells me he loves me

Starlight2345 Sun 11-Feb-18 18:22:38

If they are too young to do anything and no one else will ignore the card it’s really not important . Your Dc expresses their love in other ways . When mine was young I celebrated been a mum and had a special family day . My son and I .

Kingsclerelass Mon 12-Feb-18 07:31:31

I buy some flowers, have a takeaway to avoid cooking, have a long natter on the phone with my sister. Make a clear effort to have a feet-up evening.

megletthesecond Mon 12-Feb-18 07:35:26

I take mine out for a meal. I refuse to cook on mother's day.

hesterton Mon 12-Feb-18 07:37:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AllPowerfulLizardPerson Mon 12-Feb-18 07:42:23

I suggest you concentrate on your DMum, or someone who has been a mothering figure to you (mother church not required these days). Let your DC learn by seeing your actions. Even if they're too young to know what's going on, let alone understand it. Because you're setting now the patterns which they might one day see as deeply fingrained and familiar. Yes I know I'm going a bit woo, but in slightly more prosaic terms, why wouldn't you start as you mean to go on?

daydreamnation Mon 12-Feb-18 07:45:36

Depends how old dc are? If school age then presumably they will do a card there? Mine were 3 & 7 when my ex dh left, we had a lovely breakfast together and they 'helped' set and clear the table etc I also let them go off in our local shop with a little bit of money as my eldest wanted to get me a pressie. Even the tiniest of shop has chocolate and they were safe, not wandering around a supermarket.
I think we then snuggled up on the sofa and watched a film, perfect!

ThisLittleKitty Mon 12-Feb-18 11:05:10

Mine done Mother's Day cards in school and fthers day for that matter. Going to tell the school to skip the latter as he's absent and it was rather awkward last year.

daydreamnation Mon 12-Feb-18 12:44:57

kitty do they have a special uncle or Grandpa they could do their school card for? We always ask the children in my class who'd they'd like their card to be for, we never presume that both patent are around and also let them know it's fine to do a Father's Day card for their Mum if they'd like! (and vice versa)

Nikitasol Mon 12-Feb-18 13:09:30

I've asked some single mum friends if they'd like to meet up for brunch that day with kids to all have a nice time together. Hopefully that'll work out and be a nice support

NGC2017 Mon 12-Feb-18 22:47:29

My son is still too young but I have always had a card either made by him or from my parents off him. To be honest if I didn't get anything I wouldn't be depressed about it either. I always thought I would be, but actually I've embraced the single mom thing and I dont let these kinds of days bother me too much. You will know how much your child adores you. That will be enough to know whether they can tell you themselves or not that you are the greatest Mom ever to them. Make the day about you and them. X

newsparklythings Wed 14-Feb-18 07:52:30

The first year someone else bought a card and brought it to my house, which I totally wasn't expecting and seemed like a nice touch. The rest of the years, nothing. Bt to be honest I've not been great at celebrating it with my own DM as we had a strained relationship until very recently (I'm in 30s).

As DD has gotten older, I've had to set some things up so that she can celebrate, it's more about her feelings than mine. She knows that she is 'supposed' to get me a birthday present and got upset at not being able to. I've had to send a family member out with some of my own cash and get them to help her buy stuff. DD loves that, she gets to participate in 'secret' wrapping etc. And I also don't know what's inside the present so do get a little suprise.

Overall I remind myself at least I have DD, and it's our relationship 365 days a year and for life that counts.

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